Yu Zhen Xiao Chu 玉珍小厨 – Hougang Mall (Closed)

(Yu Zhen Xiao Chu 玉珍小厨 had since ceased operations.)

While walking around Hougang Mall, we noticed this new (or maybe not so new) Chinese restaurant that was situated in between Pizza Hut and Ichiban Sushi that sells both dim sum and tze char, so we decided to give it a try.

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(Fried Yam Sticks)

The waitress arrived with her silent ninja skills with the Fried Yam Sticks, a refreshing change from the usual peanuts we get as starters. We loved the crispy batter, which seems to be lightly salted. A pity this was served rather cold, suggesting that it was set aside for quite a while being served or it would have been an addicting savoury treat.

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(Deep Fried Prawn Balls in Salted Egg Yolk)

The kitchen closes off dim sum orders at 5pm, so we only had the tze char menu to order from. The Deep Fried Prawn Balls in Salted Egg Yolk smelt pretty fragrant, and while it was savoury the prawns felt soggy with the liquid-soaked batter. Prawns were however fresh though.

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(Sambal Kangkong)

While we were expecting a spicy kick with the Sambal Kangkong, it started off tame with oyster sauce. There were small chili hidden near the bottom of the kangkong, which made it seemed a bit imbalanced in taste.

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(Stewed Tofu in Claypot)

Stewed Tofu in Claypot contained much goodies, including yam sticks and even roasted pork. Despite being so, the stew even though adequately thick was lacking in flavour. The result was a boring and forgettable taste that was barely memorable, although still pretty decent to eat.

Probably my view of this place might have been slightly biased due to the disappointment from the lack of dim sum for dinner hours, however the meal somehow was barely impressive, made worse by the priciness. While still being curious on the dim sum, it is hard to be back again.

Yu Zhen Xiao Chu (玉珍小厨)
Hougang Mall
90 Hougang Ave 10
Singapore 538766


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