Colbar Eating House – Whitchurch Road

Possibly the most quaint eatery in the western side of Singapore, Colbar has been through the test of time.

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Previously located at Jalan Hang Jebat slightly further down its current location, Colbar used to have served the British way back in the colonial days serving western cuisine. Fast forward to 2014, the new location was built and replicated in 2004 to resemble the original Colbar affected by the construction of the AYE. Time stays still here, and is indeed a break from all the modernity and hectic environment that surrounds it.

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(Fried Fish & Chips)

While the atmosphere here is quaint, even the food feels so. Our Fried Fish & Chips was no-nonsense; no fancy plating, no coleslaw. It was just plain wedges and fish & chips. Everything tasted as it is, natural, fresh and hot. No gimmicks, no seasoning; a taste that brings people back to nostalgia.

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(Vanilla Milkshake)

We knew that milkshakes are served in McDonald’s way back in the day, but we can’t help to feel surprised by the offering of several milkshakes here. The Vanilla Milkshake was not really thick, but still flavourful and fragrant with vanilla yet not being sweet at the same time.

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Colbar might not serve food that may impress certain tastebuds, but it caught me with its natural taste an simple style. It offers a environment great to chill out and relax to escape from the city rush. This would be a place that I would definitely visit some time soon again.

9A Whitchurch Road
Singapore 138839


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