Concetto by Saveur – The Cathay (Closed)

(Concetto by Saveur had since ceased operations with the space being rebranded as Saveur serving Saveur’s menu.)

Just nearly a year ago, Saveur opened at Far East Plaza to much hype. When you thought everything stops there, the duo from Saveur brings us Concetto, an Italian dining concept that replaces the former premises of Billy Bombers at The Cathay.

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As of other Saveur outlets, the design is simplistic and modern, with an open concept kitchen; probably not the best thing for quick casual fine dining.

Menu is divided into several sections; Earth is the name given for appetisers, land for main courses containing meat such as pork or beef, sea for fish/seafood and light for desserts.

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(Creamy Pork)

Creamy Pork is your typical cream-based pasta accompanied with a slab of roasted pork by the side. The roasted pork was crispy and tender; easy to pull apart and carried a savoury touch to the pasta. Tagliolini was used as default for the dish and it was cooked al-dente. The cream sauce was thick, but however tipping towards saltiness which made the pasta hard to finish. A sous vide egg is also served for this dish, which is all runny and makes it fun to eat.

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(Prawn Aglio)

The same cannot be spoken about the Prawn Aglio. By description, this is supposed to taste similar to the Saveur Pasta served at Saveur, with the exception of the Angel Hair pasta replaced with Tagliolini. The final end product however differed quite a bit as it tasted much like Mee Pok tossed in chili oil with a few prawns served alongside. The prawns somehow also left not much an impression to be remembered.

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(Duck Ravioli)

I decided to try the Duck Ravioli, even though I was slightly marred by the Duck Rilette that I had from Saveur at Far East Plaza some time back (click here to read more). Literally an italian form of wantons, Raviolis are pastas with ingredients wrapped inside. Minced duck meat was used, and parmesan reduction tops the Ravioli. The duck was somewhat savoury, but the parmesan reduction though light made the dish salty overall yet again, which was not really a pleasure to eat. The Sous Vide egg appears again in this dish, which was perfection with the well grilled and spiced potatoes at the side.


(Pistachio Panna Cotta)

Panna Cottas generally appeals to me more than Tiramisus, which is why I decided to go for the Pistachio Panna Cotta. This very dessert was one of the many “screw ups” that happened that night, for the service staff never asked us if we would like to have it now or after the meal. The next moment after we had the orders settled, I noticed the chef preparing it and then it appeared at the table, even though desserts should come after main courses in a logical way of thinking. There was a subtle hint of Pistachio that is hidden in the green-coloured mousse, however the dark crumbs were again way too salty to lift the taste of the Panna Cotta. While the light coloured crumbs did provided the crunchy texture to provide a contrast, it tastes too bland to make it feel like we are actually eating something too.

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We left being slightly puzzled; we expected better from Concetto even though both of my dining partners did not try Saveur before. All we had here was just dishes that were saltier than they should. The service was also a bit problematic, as a wait staff seemed to be more comfortable passing spoons to patrons rather than laying them on the table. We also received the wrong change as well when paying up. Hopefully Concetto would work on the points highlighted, as the place has much potential of what Saveur has now, which would be a waste if not tapped upon.

Concetto by Saveur
The Cathay
2 Handy Road
Singapore 229233

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Facebook Page:


2 Comments Add yours

  1. anonymous says:

    A bad dish shouldn’t be forgiven just because of a sous vide egg. 😛

    1. jiaksimipng says:

      Hi Anonymous

      Haha the egg was really good. In fact Concetto would be much better if they could cut down the saltiness of evey dish. It has potential, but they would need to right the wrongs first.


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