Sandaime Bunji – Millenia Walk

Having went past Sandaime Bunji while walking in Millenia Walk, I have always been intrigued by the smell of their Teppanyaki, the traditional Japanese costumes that the service staff wear and the Japanese style seatings of the restaurant, which felt pretty authentic and convinced me to give them a go.

We went to the restaurant during dinner, where they were serving their dinner menu. Besides a few items, the dinner menu contains many beef items, which would suit the tastebuds of beef lovers out there.

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(Complimentary Salad and Cold Tofu)

Rice, a complimentary salad and Cold Tofu is served with every set. The salad was fresh and refreshing with the drizzle of dressing that it came with, while the Cold Tofu was served cool and was silken smooth.

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(Teriyaki Chicken Tsukune Set)

Teriyaki Chicken Tsukune was served as patties. Firm yet tender, the patties were a delight to eat with the Teriyaki sauce which was lightly flavoured. We loved the molten eggs, which had soft egg whites and flowy yolks.

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The Chawanmushi that came with the Teriyaki Chicken Tsukune Set was smooth and slippery and carried the signature flavour of the broth and eggs well.

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(Teppan Grilled Salmon Set)

Plain it might seem, but the Teppan Grilled Salmon was well seasoned with salt to bring it to taste. The light grilling ensure that the taste would not be destroyed by a charred flavour. Grilled potato strips were included, which carried a light buttery flavour with it. Broccoli despite feeling as though it was just boiled was actually rather soft and easy to chew, yet not diluting the taste at the same time.

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(Grilled Saba Set)

Although Saba is known for its fishiness, we were rather impressed by how fresh the Grilled Saba tasted. The smokiness helped enhanced the flavour of the fish, but it was not charred. The sea salt served alongside was also not overwhelming and was pretty light as well.

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(Ox Tail Soup)

Each set comes with the Ox Tail soup, which we initially thought was going to be a rather heavy tasting soup. It turned out to be a clear looking soup which did not taste meaty at all, and was light and refreshing.

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(Gyuharami Skewers)

We also ordered the Gyuharami Skewers, which were just beef skewers. We loved how tender it was, and the meat did not carry much gamy flavour. The sauce that it was dipped in also gave it a second dimension in taste by partially masking the meat’s flavour.

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(Deep Fried Oysters)

I am usually not a fan of fried dishes and oysters, but the Deep Fried Oysters got me with its crispy batter and fresh oysters that did not carry any stench with it. The sauce that came with it was slightly sour, a good dip for those whom are less tolerable to taste that oysters give.

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(Sendai Zunda Mochi)

There was not a huge variety of desserts available here, and the only signature dish in the dessert menu was the Sendai Zunda Mochi, which was a Japanese Rice Cake dish with matcha paste served on top. We loved how the Mochi was sticky yet came off our teeth clean without getting into a mess. The matcha paste was the winner; it was a salty-sweet combination that was not overwhelmingly sweet. It was so good that we polished off even the paste that was left on the plate and forks! The dish felt pretty light on our palates, despite having a heavy meal. Highly recommended for those who visit!

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Being a mid-tier Japanese restaurant, do not expect prices to be cheap. However, the meal quality definitely fits into the price range well, and the service was commendable with the staff still practicing certain Japanese mannerisms as well. For those who are serious about the Japanese dining culture, this is a place that should never be missed.

Sandaime Bunji
Millenia Walk
9 Raffles Boulevard
Singapore 039596

Telephone: +65 6333 1516

Web Page:
Facebook Page:


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