Pho Street – Westgate

Pho Street is one of the up and rising brands for Vietnamese cuisine, which seemed to have sprouted in new malls of the late. We were craving for Vietnamese food for dinner, which we decided to give it a shot.

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(Fresh Summer Rolls)

Fresh Summer Rolls are my favourtie Vietnamese side dish, and I enjoyed having the ones served here. The rice paper had the right degree of elasticity, and coupled with the vegetables, juicy prawn and pork, it was refreshing yet flavourful at the same time.

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(Pho Beef Combination)

My dining partner ordered the Pho Beef Combination, which allows one to have both beef balls and beef slices in a single bowl of Pho. The noodles were silken smooth as it slides effortlessly down the throat, and the broth carried a light flavour of beefiness. We loved how the beef balls were bouncy and the beef slices were tender, all without tasting to gamey. My dining partner was not a fan of the broth and noodles though; he found it bland and rather tasteless.

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(Roast Pork with Fragrant Rice)

Being the usual “rice bucket” I am, the Roast Pork with Fragrant Rice was the choice I made for dinner. The pork was sliced like Char Siew without retaining the skin. While it was missing on crispiness, it does carry the taste of sio bak but in a more subtle way without the smokiness. The fragrant rice was not particularly fragrant as it was just usual white rice, though it worked well with the preserved vegetables served as a side for a hint of sweet and sour.

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(Homemade Chrysanthemum with Corn)

Homemade Chrysanthemum with Corn did not really contain much chrysanthemum, but felt more like a concoction of diluted corn syrup.

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(Vietnamese Iced Coffee)

Vietnamese Iced Coffee was equally disappointing, which was really diluted and bland.

Pho Street is a place that offers rather edible food, but we would not call it anywhere near authentic with how the food tasted. Avoid the beverages at all cost.

Pho Street
3 Gateway Drive
#B2-K6/K7, Westgate
Singapore 608532


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