Just Want Coffee – Blk 1 Everton Park

Everton Park is a place full of hidden treasures. Who thought that there would be myriad of cafes and food specialty shops under the void decks of an old HDB estate?

A while ago I had made a visit to Cozy Corner Coffee, but having walked past the fragrant aroma coming from Just Want Coffee I figured out that I just needed to get their coffee because that’s how bad I wanted it.

Just Want Coffee had its origins from across the border. The Everton Park outlet is its first outlet that is situated out of Malaysia. Specialising in coffee and cakes, one of the rarer coffees served here are the Luwak Coffee which is only available on pre-order and the well-known Mille Crepe which is highly sought after.



They did not have the Caramel Iced Drip that day, so I settled for a regular Latte. It had a medium body and was pretty smooth. In fact the blend here has a soft earthiness with it and seemed pretty low on acidity.


(Caramel Delight)

I ordered the Caramel Delight after looking around the Mille Crepe and realised it was just right in front of me! How could I possibly miss that? Despite so I was not disappointed with the choice I made; the Caramel Delight was some sort of a cheesecake-like thing where there is no sponge cake involved except for a thin layer at the base, which is the type of cake I love most. The top layer was made of caramel, followed by a layer of coffee cream, a thin layer of hazelnut and then a layer of chocolate. This definitely appeals to the sweet tooths, with the chocolate and caramel layerings bringing out the sweetness and the coffee layer that tries to neutralise the sweetness so that it does not become too cloying. The thin layer of hazelnut does bring a level of crispiness in the cake, yet not being overly nutty and spoiling the texture of the cake altogether.

It is hard to impress one when they do not get what they have intended to try. I had other things in mind that I want to try at Just Want Coffee which I missed to my own blame or just were not available for the day. Nonetheless, Just Want Coffee still managed to impress me even with the items I had not intended to try. The service was quite patchy however; on one hand there were staff playing on the piano and another with earphones on inside the counter that did not seem to have notice my arrival at all. On another hand there was this other staff who was willing to talk to the customers, welcoming them in and introduce the items to patrons politely. But I guess even so the food seemed to have offset itself with the service somehow, and I am more than eager to return and have a taste of the Mille Crepe to try it for myself.

Just Want Coffee
Blk 1 Everton Park
Singapore 081001

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/JWCEverton


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