Cupplets – Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Being an alumnus of Ngee Ann Polytechnic, we all knew the pains of not having a place where we could just grab a cuppa to go. The opening of Cupplets was definitely a thing everyone was looking forward to, though it was a pity that they had only opened after I just graduated.

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Year 3 students and graduates will find this signboard familiar. Yes, Cupplets is being run by the same students behind Smooch Cafe @ 72 that used to sell hotdogs, burgers, soda and coffee at Level 2 of the Business & Accountancy, except that they have already graduated too. Interior was styled vintage and retro. Bits of the old Smooch Cafe @ 72 also brings back some fond memories, otherwise the interiors reminded me of the nearby Carpenter & Cook.

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(Lemon Meringue Tart)

Savoury and sweet are serves here, alongside with coffee. One of their signatures would be the Lemon Meringue Tart, which was tart from its filling and sweet from the fluffy meringue. Tart base was easy to cut through, without crumbling into bits.

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(Butterscotch Banana Cake)

A lone slice of Butterscotch Banana Cake sat in the display, but the name was just too tempting to give it a miss. I found it to be the most direct way of getting diabetes; the intense sweetness of the Butterscotch cream layered on top was too much for me, and the chocolate cake with the layer of caramalised bananas in between adds on to the sweetness. Those who have really sweet tooths would probably enjoy it a lot, but I would have loved it if they went easy on the level of sweetness instead.

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Latte was surprisingly good for a cafe located in school, especially when you could really taste the blends itself and that it was not burnt. They use a combination of blends here, namely from “Brazil and Indonesia” as quoted from the staff, which is also supplied from (surprise again), Common Man Coffee Roasters.

It was a heavy tasting breakfast for me, but it seems that it is a good place to chill out; most students just seem to do takeaways in this 12-seater shop space. The place is generally quiet and conducive despite being located in a school, and the coffee is really of great quality. Prices are less steep as well; I spent a total of around $13.00 for a tart, a cake and coffee, whereas I would have been paying around the same price for a tart and coffee elsewhere. A place that I will visit again, though the only trouble is that they do not open on weekends.

Blk 16 Ngee Ann Polytechnic
535 Clementi Road
Singapore 599489

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