WingStop – Bedok Mall

Following the recent craze for chicken wings, a number of eateries specialising in chicken wings opened up stores in Singapore. Wings Stop, an American “wings specialist” entered the shores of Singapore by setting up their first outlet here at the newly opened Bedok Mall.

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(Classic Wings Set)

Wings are sold in meals, which consist of a drink, a speciality dip, a side and six or eight pieces of chicken with a maximum of two flavours. Burger junkies would also be happy to know that a Wings Burger is also sold here. My dining partner went for the Classic Wings (six pieces), going for the Atomic and Hickory BBQ flavours, together with seasoned fries and the Ranch dip, while I had the Boneless Wings (six pieces) of both Garlic Parmesan and Oriental Soy Pepper flavours with coleslaw and Honey Mustard dip.

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(Classic Wings – Atomic)

We were warned by the counter staff that the Atomic was an extra spicy flavour, but my dining partner decided to take on the challenge. This was indeed not your typical spicy, and seemed like a selection of peppers put into one to create that numbing effect. Try this at your own risk!

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(Classic Wings – Hickory Smoked BBQ)

Hickory Smoked BBQ brings back that familiar smokey goodness which was all good, but the chicken was not really in the favour. The fried chicken was barely crispy and the skin was hard to come off from the bones; not exactly a pleasant sight with all the sauce loaded on top.

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(Boneless Wings – Garlic Parmesan)

Garlic Parmesan was a powdered flavour, and closely resembled the cheese powder you usually get in pizza restaurants with a garlicky twist. This works particularly well with the Boneless Wings, which were at the least crispier than the Classic Wings but still a bit dry.

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(Boneless Wings – Oriental Soy Pepper)

Oriental Soy Pepper was a flavour that was claimed to be suited for the Singaporean taste bud. It was somehow similar to the Soy flavours usually served in Korean fried chicken joints, so I presume locals seem to have a liking on Korean fried chicken? To further enhance its taste, pepper was added to the soy flavour to give it a spicy kick.

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(Seasoned Fries)

The Seasoned fries were nicely salted and fluffy but were all rather limp somehow.

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Coleslaw was fresh and cold. It is also interesting to note that it does not contain the milky flavour that the ones from KFC carries, but otherwise nothing much to wow about.

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(Honey Mustard Dip)

Between the Ranch dip and Honey Mustard dip, I preferred the Honey Mustard dip which was sweet but with a light touch of mustard; good for people who do not like the numbness that mustard can bring. The Ranch dip was milky and lightly sour, though verging on tasteless. Personally I thought we could do away with the dips as they were meant for the chicken, which already have sauces on their own to taste. The dips were great for the fries though.

Understanding that Wings Stop is a fast food concept, it does serve as a great alternative to other existing fast food chains in Singapore. However, the food seems rather questionable for the pricing, where the portion was not really filling. We also were not particularly pleased with the food, especially when it comes to the fried dishes which all lacked crispiness. The amount of sauce were also inconsistent; while the ones on the Classic Wings were adequate, the ones on the Boneless Wings were rather miserable. While it is still an open option, it’s hard for me to come back for the food again.

Bedok Mall
311 New Upper Changi Road
Singapore 467360

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