GAEST – The Clift (Closed)

(GAEST had ceased operations.)

The CBD area had been known for the wide variety of exclusive cafes in the region, and GAEST just adds on to the list of cafes situated there. Run by a couple of Caucasians, GAEST serves homemade-style food; from the cakes to even the bread of the sandwiches.

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(Potato Sandwich)

Only sandwiches and salads were served for lunch. The Potato Sandwich that my dining partner ordered was somehow a fusion of Baked Potato and sandwich, especially with the clever use of bacon bits and sour cream which brought out the flavour of the soft and fluffy potatoes. The bread was crusty at the sides, while fluffy in the middle. Watercress was added, and the sour cream helped in ridding off the bitter aftertaste of the vegetables.

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(Pork Sandwich)

Roasted pork is something that I cannot resist, and I went for the Pork Sandwich straight away knowing that it contains roasted pork. Red Cabbage is known to be particularly bitter, however they have marinated them with orange which therefore managed to reduce the aftertaste of the vegetables. The crackling skin of the pork fitted well with the crusty bread, and there was enough fats to chew. Apple slices are also added to give it a fruity and refreshing taste.

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(Varlhona Chocolate Brownie)

There was only one cake offered the day we visited which was the Varlhona Chocolate Brownie. We also opted for Greek Yoghurt and fresh fruits to come with it which came at no additional cost. The brownie itself was crusty on the exterior but really smooth and melt-in-the-mouth despite its cake-like appearance. Bits of walnuts were added to give it another dimension in texture. While the Greek Yoghurt did not seem to relate well with the brownie, the sourness paired up nicely with the sweetness and juiciness of the pear which turned it to a rather healthy side dish to the brownie.

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(Short White)

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The blends used for the coffee here are from Smitten, which ensures the quality of the coffee. The Short White has a smaller milk to espresso ratio compared to the White, therefore more suited for those who prefer stronger coffee.

GAEST definitely scores well in providing a healthy option for the office workers for lunch. The owners passion could be felt in the food as well. We enjoyed our meal there, and no matter if you are an office worker that is looking for a lunch spot or just a passer-by looking for a chill spot, this is a place that everyone should try out.

The Clift
21 McCallum Street
Singapore 069047

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Facebook Page:


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