Nene Chicken – *SCAPE

Having tried the outlet at The Star Vista a year ago, the opening of Nene Chicken’s new outlet came as an excitement to me mainly because of its more accessible location. It came as a replacement to the Gong Cha outlet, which takes up the shop space next to the main entrance to *SCAPE.


Being a Korean fast food outlet, Nene’s menu is made up of chicken items. Forget all about burgers; this place is all about chicken wings, tenders. Choose from a meal, then pick your preferred flavour and wait for it to be prepared before collecting (waiting time was around 15 minutes as it is prepared upon ordering, though we had experienced longer at The Star Vista)


(Tenders Set)

The Swicy Tenders set came with a box of pickled radish, a pack of regular Buffalo sticks and regular drink. We also ordered an ala-carte large Buffalo Fries as well.


(Swicy Tenders)

“Swicy” as it turns out was a fusion of sweet and spicy combined, as the gooey and sticky sauce provided a tangy sweet flavour followed by a subtle spiciness. It seemed rather similar to Thai chili sauce, but without the sharp spiciness. The chicken was also juicy and tender as well, and the sauce was well coated on each piece to ensure the consistency in flavour.


(Buffalo Sticks)

Buffalo Sticks was the fancy name to the shoestring fries they serve here. Well-seasoned in chili powder, despite the thinness of the fries, potato was evident and the seasoning gave it a light spiciness. Due to its size, it was also less filling as well, which makes it addictive as one pops them into the mouth.


(Pickled Radish)

Pickled Radish is a dish rarely served with fast food, and while it looks simple, these were tasty with a sweet and sour flavour that goes easy on the palate. The cubed radish is also crunchy and juicy as well.

For those who are into the Korean wave, Nene Chicken is a place to check out. While I had not tried actual fried chicken from Korea, Nene Chicken had managed to convince that they do serve some authentic Korean fare around. While being a fast food restaurant, do take note that there is a minimum wait of 15 minutes for each order as everything is prepared upon order.

Nene Chicken
2 Orchard Link
Singapore 237978

Facebook Page:


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