Crossings Cafe – Catholic Centre

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Newly opened less than a month ago, it is surprising to find Crossings Cafe operating from a church. This is not your regular cafe however; Crossings Cafe is a social enterprise full of opportunities to students with needs. Despite being new, they have already managed to offer internships to students from Assumption Pathway School, which is a school for the disadvantaged. Profits from the cafe are also claimed to be donated to charities for a good cause.

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(Chili Crab Pasta)

The menu sticks largely to a western theme, but there are some dishes served with a local twist. Chili Crab Pasta was a signature dish in the menu, which was described to be cooked with a unique Crab Claw Meat Sauce. There were bits of meat in the sauce and while it was mildly spicy, it somehow felt a bit lacking as it still tasted pretty much of tomato, as though from a tomato base instead. Soft shell crabs were fried and presented atop the pasta, which provided a bite for the dish with its crispiness as well.

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(Spicy Coriander Grilled Fish)

Since my dining partner was having a pasta, I decided to go for a main, which we decided on the Spicy Coriander Grilled Fish. It was fresh and flaky, and well-seasoned with coriander to remove the fishy odour. The tomato puree was tangy, fresh and felt like it was made from tomatoes instead of coming out of a can, and came with a moderate tinge if spiciness. The sauteed vegetables included pan-fried potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower and carrots which were tasty on their own, but would be better with seasoning.

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(Chendol Panna Cotta)

Instead of having a Soup of the Day, Crossings Cafe’s daily special was the Panna Cotta of the Day. Chendol was the flavour on the day of our visit, and sure enough it came with red beans and jelly noodles. Caramel was substituted with Gula Melaka to simulate the signature taste of Chendol. The smooth and eggy pudding complimented well with the various condiments, and despite being a largely western dish, carried the local fusion well. This would be one item I would be glad to have on any other day.

While there are many cafes out there, not a lot of them operates with a social cause. We enjoyed our stay at the Crossings Cafe, for we were glad to have given the chance for the interns to showcase their abilities which were commendable. The service staff whom attended our table despite being some disadvantaged was extremely polite and even attentive, which is better than some other restaurants. Food with a cause, why not just head down to Crossings Cafe to give them a chance, and make the lives of those who require it better?

Crossings Cafe
Catholic Centre
55 Waterloo Street
Singapore 187954

Web Page:
Facebook Page:


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