Hatter Street – Blk 212 Hougang Street 21

As the cafe culture is getting stronger with the opening of more new cafes and patisseries all over the island, people are now constantly looking out for not only good tasting food, but also innovative cuisine too.

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Hatter Street which is situated in Kovan is a place that sells many unconventional variations of conventional cakes and desserts. It is rumoured that one of the chefs had prior experience in Michelin-starred restaurant, Bo Innovation at Hong Kong. The unique Alice-In-Wonderland theme of the cafe would definitely attract young adults and children alike, with its vibrant colours and fairytale-like interior.

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(Smoked Sawdust Pudding)

Smoked Sawdust Pudding is a recreation of a popular Macau dessert. Presented in the jar are crumbs and pudding, which also came with a smoky scent. The pudding was pretty creme brulee-like with a custardy texture which tasted eggy, while the crumbs were rubbly and dusty for some bite. This dessert would however not suit the palates for some; the smoky scent may be a novelty for some but for the older generation especially, may seem to resemble the smell of joss sticks and hence not that appealing. We thought it was interesting, but it would have been better if there was more pudding as we found ourselves scooping on crumbs near the end.

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(Pandan Ice-Cream with Gula Melaka Whoaffles)

From it’s name, the Whoaffles were sounding to be really impressive. We got ourselves the one with Pandan ice-cream with Gula Melaka. We loved the crispy batter but it was lacking on the eggy flavour. The Pandan flavour was evident and aromatic in the ice-cream, while the Gula Melaka was subtle on sweetness. A lot of the Gula Melaka was somehow wasted for its plating and presentation however, which made the Whoaffle fall a bit short on flavour as there was not much of it drizzled atop the Whoaffle as a result.

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(It’s So Kumquat!)

It’s So Kumquat is the quirky nickname of the Kumquat Tart sold here, which is in line with Chinese New Year coming round the corner. Meant to be similar to a Lemon Meringue Tart, it was however slightly sweeter with a tint of citrus. We also loved the meringue which was cloudy and fluffy despite being torched and the tart base which was eggy and held up its shape rather well. This was widely-agreed to be the best item we had for the visit.

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(Vanilla Caramel Dream)

Vanilla Caramel Dream was an interesting cup of tea. It had a very aromatic scent of Vanilla, but tasted lightly so with tea still being more dominant. It was also not sweet at all despite the caramel.

Innovation and creativity runs deep in Hatter Street, with the many in-house creations sold here. We very much liked the food, as well as the staff who were polite, friendly and helpful as well. While we personally thought that there were room for improvement, it is still nonetheless a great spot for desserts.

Hatter Street
212 Hougang Street 21
Singapore 530212

Telephone: +65 6988 4591

Web Page: http://www.hatterstreet.com
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/HatterStreet/


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