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It’s been a long time ever since I had met up with this group of friends, so we decided to have a small gathering by having dinner. We have a friend who had recently converted to a vegetarian, so we figured out the best place to go to would have been Real Food. Real Food is not only a cafe; it is also a grocer that stocks up on organic foods which you can buy home if you fancy, as well as books on healthy living. All of the items in the menu of the cafe are good for vegans/vegetarians, and the menu is pretty detailed with labels that indicate if items includes onions/garlic or caffeine-free. Most of the items are also organic; a concept that is not yet being popularised in restaurants in Singapore.

The decor of the cafe is simplistic using contrasting colours and lighting that gives it an ambiance that is soothing and relaxing yet not being too dark. We were given the high tables on the grocer side of the shop space, which are still pretty comfortable to sit. The menu here ranges from western fare to eastern fare, so you could order a rice set if pasta or burgers are not to your fancy. A wide variety of juices, smoothie, honey and tea are also available. If you are one who cannot live without the cola, there is also a choice of Organic Cola that you can go for.


(Mushroom Bruschetta)

Mushroom Bruschetta is one of the sides we ordered. The Bruschetta had cheese melted on top, which is pretty gooey and stringy when pulled apart. The crispy Bruschetta also created a nice texture, with a brilliant earthy taste that compliments the cheese by the sauteed assorted mushrooms on the top. A great side for those who loves mushrooms and cheese.


(Organic Fruit Rojak)

I did not have the Organic Fruit Rojak as it contains peanuts, but I heard it was your Rojak sauce with peanuts served over fruits such as mango.


(Organic Potato Wedges)

If you thought that only our regular Potatoes were used in the Organic Potato Wedges, be in for a treat as there are few slices of Sweet Potato used as well. I did not try the Sweet Potato slices because there were only a few slices of it in there, but the regular Potatoes were pretty crusty on the top but soft in the middle. Would prefer it to be seasoned more though, although that would have defeated the purpose by being a bit too unhealthy.


(Mushroom Aglio Olio)

I also did not have a pinch of the Mushroom Aglio Olio, but it was pretty mild on flavour with a lot of sauteed mushrooms. My friend whom had it said he forgot to opt for the additional chili flakes at a price, so it seemed lacking of something somehow.


(Mushroom and Celery Tomato Penne)

For someone who did not like celery, I was actually pretty fine with the Mushroom and Celery Tomato Penne. The celery did not have the heavy flavour of what some people might dislike or like it for; much of it had been covered by the tomato sauce. The tomato sauce however felt increasingly sour halfway through though. The shaved cheese did melt in the pasta and provided a nice chew and stringiness in the sauce.


(Genovese Pesto Pasta)

The Genovese Pesto Pasta might look substaintially greener than most other pasta dishes that night, but it was just the Pesto sauce. Personally, I felt that this was the best pasta of the night. The pesto sauce was chunky with bits of nuts in it which created a lot of bite. The addition of feta cheese also adds an interesting salty touch to the dish.


(Spinach Tomato Pasta)

Spinach Tomato Pasta is one of the dishes I never tried as well, but I reckon the tomato sauce is the same on that came from my Mushroom and Celery Tomato Penne. The original dish has Feta cheese in it, but my friend opted out of it because he just does not like cheese.


(Assorted Vegetable Ball Pasta)

Assorted Vegetable Ball Pasta was the more special pastas that was ordered that night , The Vegetable Balls were made to look like Meatballs. Various vegetables are used to make the vegetable balls, such as lentils, beet and chickpea. The pasta is tossed in tomato sauce, which I believe is the same sauce used in the two other tomato sauce pastas.


(Organic Pizza)

The Organic Pizza are homemade here and comes with cheese, tomato sauce, organic tomatoes, organic aubergines, organic zucchini, organic pineapple, organic capsicum, onions, wild mushrooms, fresh basil leaves and olives. Patrons can choose to opt out any of the ingredients with no change in pricing, but all items will be included if unspecified. The person who had the pizza seemed pretty happy about his order, and while it is a personal portion, I must say it is possible for it to be shared between two as well.


(Breakfast Banana Oat Thickie)

The drinks here also do have a creative approach. The Breakfast Banana Oat Thickie is much like a breakfast in a glass. Using organic soymilk and organic yoghurt as a base, rolled oats and bananas are added to create this breakfast-like concoction. The distinct taste of banana would not be missed, with the graininess of the rolled oats to be felt. While it was a pretty decent drink when it comes to the taste factor, I found that the addition of rolled oats to have spoilt the texture. It seemed pretty drying on the throat and pretty coarse as well, which can be quite choking if care is not taken of while drinking.


(Apple Juice)

I loved the Apple Juice here. You could tell from the colour that it is not your typical Apple juice. It is fresh off from the juicer, and you could feel the zest and the bits in it. There were no large bits that could have ruined the consistent texture of the drink, and it tastes pretty natural and fresh with nothing else added.

Overall we had a nice catch-up session while having the meal. Spent a great time together and the food suited our tastes well despite this being one of our bigger meetups that we chose to go to a vegetarian/vegan restaurant. The place also seems rather good for group outings, though it would be advised to do a reservation for bigger groups so as to allow them to get the tables ready beforehand.

Real Food (真食)
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
Singapore 059817

Web Page:
Facebook Page:


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