Pasta J – Neil Road (Moved)

(This food establishment has moved. The updated address would be displayed at the bottom of this article.)

While there are many niche stalls opening in traditional coffee shops these days, Kuan Food Court would be a place where you would least expect a niche Pasta stall being situated within the street side and slightly run down coffeeshop.

Upon my arrival, I was greeted by a row of stalls selling local chinese food, only to find that Pasta J was hiding in the corner behind a pillar. The stall has a modern looking signboard, with posters describing almost every single dish offered. The owner who also is the only staff in the stall is swift in response, even when busy with other chores.

Every single plate of pasta is being cooked on the spot, so do allow a preparation time of roughly 15 minutes before collecting your order. The Caramalised Carnivore as I wad told by the owner during collection was a very nice dish with onions caramalised for hours till they are totally dissolved, and the main gist inn the whole dish besides the sauce was the bone marrows which was included to add chewiness. He did mention that some people had requested it to be left out or left it aside on the plate, but urged me to give it a try.


(Caramalised Carnivore)

Most of what he mentioned makes up much of what is in this plate of pasta, but there are also pork meatballs and a dollop of cream added. The owner did tell me to mix it well before eating, and I could see the reason why. The cream sort of enhances the caramalised onion sauce by adding a creaminess to the dish, though if not evenly mixed would overpower the dish lightly. I loved the Caramelised Onion sauce as it tasted pretty sweet and tangy at the same time, much like an Asian fusion sort of thing going on. Even the whole pasta felt so due to the bone marrows which gave it the chewiness described. Pork meatballs are known to be tough and chewy. The ones here are absolutely tender without being tough at all. The whole plate of pasta just seemed perfect even if the idea was seemingly wild from its name.

Pasta J has got to be one of the best places to have pasta in a coffeeshop. The dishes might be a tad adventurous for those who are a bit more conventional and prefers their Carbonara, Alfredo or Bolognese more, but if you do give a go, it would surely not disappoint as the combinations do work, and each plate of pasta tastes of the passion, love of food and hard work from the owner as well. Sweet tooths are also not neglected here as well; this place offers dessert as well, from a simple local fusion like the Pandan Ice-Cream to a warm Creme Brulee which are all rare to be served in a coffee shop. While there are many other bistros, bars and cafes operating in the area which gives Pasta J a run for their buck, Pasta J still tops the competition being the best value for money yet.

Pasta J
Kuan Food Court
120 Neil Road
Singapore 088855

Pasta J
205 Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574345

Web Page:
Facebook Page:


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