Banh Mi 888 – United Square

The visit to Banh Mi 888 occurred out of randomness; while we knew we wanted to have Vietnamese fare for dinner, we were spoilt by the various choices but too lazy to walk back to Novena Square. A simple shop space run by a father with his two sons, the cafe serves up authentic Vietnamese cuisine such as Glass Noodles, sandwich rolls and spring rolls.


(Fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls)

Fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls comes two rolls per plate. The spring rolls here contain pork, prawns and vegetables with vermicelli. The dish is served cold, and was light tasting with just a hint of flavour coming from the pork with a bit of lemongrass. A sauce is also provided to bring up its taste, which is similar to the sweet sauce that we get for Yong Tau Foo.


(Fried Vietnamese Spring Rolls)

The Fried Vietnamese Spring Rolls came in threes and were so small that they could be finished in a single bite. The complimenting vegetables came largely from the Fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls, using the same cucumber, pickled vegetables and vermicelli. Unlike the Fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls however, they felt very similar to Chinese spring rolls in taste except meatier and having a flakier skin.


(Hot Coffee with Milk)

Hot Coffee with Milk which came as a combo with the Fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls was pretty decent, with just the right proportion of milk added, though there was nothing much to shout about.

Honestly, Banh Mi 888 is one of the places that is satisfies any craving for Vietnamese cuisine. The food here is not really impressive, but it is neither underwhelming. The hard work and strong bonds between the father and his sons could be all felt, which gives this humble space a type of homeliness that is uncommon in cafes. For those who emphasise on character more than how the food taste, this is would be a great place to go to.

Banh Mi 888
United Square
101 Thomson Road
Singapore 307591


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  1. Crap says:

    WaY WAY WAY TOO EXPENSIVE 6.50 FOR a scrawny baguette lack of veggie and almost non existent meat. Only in SG they manipulate esp such pseudo Viet places

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