MEDZS – Orchard Central (Closed)

(MEDZS had since ceased operations at Orchard Central, with another branch still operating at Raffles Place; address for the Raffles Place branch is listed at the end of the post.)

The visit to MEDZS was a pretty unplanned one. After deciding against heading down to Newton Food Centre for the Hawker Hero vs Gordon Ramsay event due to the crowd, we were lost on dinner plans until we were going into Orchard Central and got reminded of its existence there where we decided to check out their spread before deciding on it.

While this might surprise people who are not in the know, it is quite an open secret that MEDZS is actually owned by Food Junction, which is more commonly known as a food court operator in Singapore. Some of the brands under this group are Eggs & Berries (Changi City Point), Squirrel Bites (Vivocity), 1Market by Chef Wan (Plaza Singapura) and ME@OUE. MEDZS was one of its first venture out of the food court enterprise, and it is a Marche-style restaurant where one would be given a card that stores all your transactions within the different stores, and then charged with the card at the counter after finishing the meal. It specialises in Mediterranean food; pretty much of European fare which is separated into the different countries in different “stalls” across the restaurant.


(Doner Chicken with Cheese on Hotplate)

One of the dishes that caught my attention while looking at the spread was the Doner Chicken with Cheese on Hotplate served at the Turkey stall. This one came with rice and a special sauce that seem to taste like a watered down tartar sauce with garlic in it. Doner Chicken (from my research; please correct me if I am wrong) seems to be meat cooked on a vertical spit and sliced to order, though this dish seems to be a regular slab of chicken chop served with melted cheese and a tomato-based sauce. The tomato-based sauce offered a hint of zing into the meat, with the chilli giving a spicy twist. The chicken was pretty tender and juicy, while the cheese was just nicely gooey and sitting on the slab of chicken. It was pretty simple and decent, and the flavour seems to be somewhat enhanced by the dip that came with it. The rice was somewhat disappointing as it was undercooked and was seemingly quite hard to chew.


(Pesto Chicken Calzone)

The Pesto Chicken Calzone was quite huge and stuffed with ingredients, though there was only a measly amount of cheese in it. The dough pastry was somewhat thick at the bottom, and the whole thing seemed pretty dry. It also somehow lacked any punch in flavour as it was pretty bland, that is until you dip it in the tomato puree and it’s the zing that wants you to have it more. I am not sure what a Calzone is supposed to be like, but this one definitely was not too bad, but definitely not a really great one either.



The Meringue was pretty cheap, and in fact we only ordered this to make use of the card promotion. There were plenty of colours and flavours available, and my friend chose the yellow one which was Lemon-flavoured. The Meringue was a wee bit crumbly but held pretty well somehow, and it has a light lemon scent with it. Not too bad for a side with a cup of coffee I guess?


(Bread & Butter Pudding)

The Bread & Butter Pudding is one of my favourite desserts and this one came with Vanilla sauce, which is my favourite combination. The Bread & Butter Pudding here is a bit denser than I expected, though it was still pretty satisfactory. There were a few raisins to be found underneath as well. Did not really like the fact that the vanilla sauce came at room temperature though; I personally prefer a warm vanilla sauce to pour over the Bread & Butter Pudding so as to enjoy the soaked pudding with warm sauce oozing out onto my tongue.



I love Churros, and I just cannot lift my eyes off them after I see them. We were at the desserts counter wondering what to order when I spotted these babies lying around at a corner. They came in fours or sixes. The Churros here comes with chocolate sauce, which was pretty thick without being sticky to the throat. The Churros are coated with a generous amount of cinnamon powder and sugar, which made it taste pretty well. I loved the softness of the Churros, but the exterior was also a bit too soft; would prefer a crunchy exterior instead. Overall, this was really not too bad though it could have been better


(Creme Brulee Ice-Blended)

Most people who come to MEDZS would order an alcoholic drink or two, but I went for the Ice-Blended drinks. One that particularly caught my eye was the Creme Brulee Ice-Blend. Can you imagine how interesting would it be to have a dessert churned into a drink? Turned out, it was pretty off-topic, though it tasted very sweet and very suitable for those who have a sweet tooth. Apparently, they had included Espresso in the making of the Creme Brulee drink, which Creme Brulee would not have? There was a pretty evident taste of coffee in it, but for a coffee lover, I am not complaining. It was pretty nice a drink to have, but the name just does not suggest what it actually is somehow.

Overall, the food from MEDZS is average, but some dishes do miss the mark. It is somewhere that you can go if you are looking for a satisfactory meal, though you would have to know what to order and what not to order, and that the food is definitely not going to blow your mind. The service is pretty decent too; they were pretty attentive and fast in clearing plates and answering queries as well. Some might argue that the place might be a bit overpriced for its fare which I agree, so it would be good to hold up until a card promotion comes (which is rather common here) to get a few dollars off the bill.

Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road
Singapore 238896

MEDZS Bistro & Bar
24 Raffles Place
Singapore 048621

Telephone: +65 6238 9028

Web Page:
Facebook Page:


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