The Japanese Curry Shop – Liang Court

Nothing can be undeniably Japanese when it comes to being in Liang Court; after all it is a place known to house many Japanese brands such as Kinokuniya, Saizeriya and such.

Being one of the anchor tenants at Liang Court, Meidi-Ya is not just a supermarket within the mall; an area has also been carved out at the side of the supermarket to contain eating establishments within its grounds, which is a good concept for an all-in-one store. We decided to choose The Japanese Curry Shop, which serves different varieties of Japanese Curry as we did not have Japanese Curry for quite a while.



(Ebi Fry Curry)

The Ebi Fry Curry came with four Ebis, which seemed rather reasonable for its price. Here, the Japanese Curry is served in a saucer rather than being served together with the rice; allowing the patrons to have the desired amount of curry they would want. The curry was thick and heavy, though not spicy at all with some ingredients included in it. The Ebi was crispy and not seemingly oily, though the flour used seemed a bit too thick and hence overrides the prawn.


(Chicken Katsu Curry)

For the Chicken Katsu Curry, it was generous in portion, and each strip was tender and crispy. The amount of flour used to fry the chicken was also more balanced here as well.

The Japanese Curry Shop is definitely somewhere that can satisfy your cravings for Japanese Curry. The items that we ordered hit the mark pretty easily, and could be even considered better than average. There is no need to rush down to try this stall; after all there are other more impressive Japanese Curry at other places, but The Japanese Curry Shop would be a destination that I would definitely consider to visit again.

The Japanese Curry Shop
Liang Court
177 River Valley Rd
#B1-50 (Within Meidi-Ya Supermarket)
Singapore 179030

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