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Social Square is the latest brand brought by the MOF, which already owned several brands of Japanese concepts under their umbrella. Their first outlet takes over the former premises of now-defunct Banquet at Level 3 of Parkway Parade, which is spacious for a restaurant.

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The new brand focuses on what MOF had done best and succeeded so far; a place that features both Western and Japanese fare under one roof, adding several new ideas such as serving all-day breakfast and being a winepost as well.

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(Mushroom Frittos)

Both the Western and Japanese menus were extensive with a separate menu for both different cuisines and another one for drinks and desserts. The Mushroom Fritto from the western menu was flawless; the Shitake Mushrooms were fried golden brown and crispy and the combination of tartar dip just simply would not go wrong.

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(Diced Salmon Don)

The Diced Salmon Don was done in a style similar to Oyako Don with egg and onions. The rice carried the flavours of the combined mixture of dashi, soy sauce and sugar well, and the salmon chunks were adequately sized. The addition of Shitake Mushrooms were a bit out-of-place; while it was good to have and gave the dish a bit of earthiness, we thought it could have tasted better without it.

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(Chicken Katsu Curry)

The Chicken Katsu Curry Rice was decent. The batter of the Katsu was crispy, while the curry sauce was flavourful though lacks a spicy kick. An omelette like the one here could be added at an additional cost, but we felt that the omelette felt pretty odd as it seemed to share no relation to dish with the way it was presented and prepared somehow.

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(Diced Salmon Curry Rice)

Pretty much the same as the Chicken Katsu Curry Rice, the only difference for the Diced Salmon Curry Rice is that it uses the Diced Salmon from the Diced Salmon Don but fried. While not the best Japanese curry I had tried, it was definitely satiating to have.

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(3 Flavours Stone Pot Rice)

The 3 Flavours Stone Pot Rice was presented in a heated stone pot, which indeed helped to keep the dish warm throughout the meal. Generally the dish felt rather safe, with prawns, salmon slices and Unagi for a break with the rice and soy sauce combination that is to be mixed before consumption. The closest thing to this dish was probably Pepper Lunch, less the pepper.

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(Fried Shisamo)

The Fried Shisamo which was a side of the Stone Pot Rice combo was addictive with its slightly charred yet salted flavour. The batter was crispy, but the fish felt somewhat limp which spoilt the consistency of the dish’s texture.

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(Hotpot with Salmon)

Hotpot with Salmon was the favourite main of the night. The soup base was Miso Soup, though those who love Sukiyaki would be happy to know that a Sukiyaki base is also available as well. There was a generous amount of ingredients included, such as tofu, enoki mushrooms, raw egg (served as a unopened egg on the side). One is supposed to dip the salmon into the soup base and allow it to cook before savouring it. The soup was flavourful but not overwhelming, which made it feel refreshing even after a few sips. There is also a Carpaccio dressing served separately on the same tray; probably it is for the people who prefer to consume the soup and salmon separately.

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(Super Supreme)

The Large Super Supreme Pizza was 12″ wide, which is more suitable for sharing. The thin crust made the pizza feel less doughy, and there was a generous amount of cheese laid on top. While it contained traces of pork, it seemed to have more vegetables as the taste of capsicums seemed to be stronger than the meat.

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(Black Sesame Imo)

Black Sesame Imo was a dessert that we had ordered on top of the Hot Pot Combo. A dessert made up of a Parfait, drizzled in black sesame with two fried Sweet Potato balls, it provided an interesting hot-and-cold combination in the mouth, and a flavour of both sweet and savoury to the tastebuds.

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(Inaka Special)

Inaka Special was glutinous rice balls and Japanese Rice Cakes served in a bowl of Red Bean soup. The glutinous rice balls were chewy and sweet when eaten with the red bean soup. Japanese Rice Cakes were slightly more stickier in comparison, but otherwise also created the same texture and flavour that the glutinous rice balls did as well.

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It seems that MOF had again scored a goal with Social Square with the formula of serving both Japanese and Western cuisines under one roof. The food here generally feels like it is heading on a safe route, playing with flavours that are widely accepted by its target audiences. Social Square also has an edge over other restaurants with its spacious dining area, which is important for a winepost as it would be able to hold large group gatherings over alcohol and a pizza. If you are looking for a great group gathering spot for dinner, why not give Social Square a visit?

Social Square
Parkway Parade
80 Marine Parade Road
Singapore 449269

Web Page:


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