Papparich – Westgate

With the opening of Westgate, Jurong East had become a shopping haven having multiple malls such as Jcube and JEM in the area. This also means new F&B choices available in the area to choose from.

Joining the likes of Ippudo, Sushi Express, Osaka Osho and many more, Papparich’s latest outlet is situated at Westgate. Papparich serves up Straits-inspired fare, with many items on the menu focusing on cuisines that are close to our hearts such as Kaya Roti, Curry Noodles, Nasi Lemak etc.


(Hainanese Toasted Bread with Butter & Sugar)

The Hainanese Toasted Bread with Butter & Sugar was well toasted with a crusty skin and a toasty surface, but retaining a fluffy interior. The butter was well spread over the bread and there was a reasonable amount of sugar sprinkled.



(Wholemeal Bakar with Margarine and Kaya)

The Wholemeal Bakar with Margarine and Kaya had a generous spread of kaya and margarine but was a bit inconsistent with few pieces having more kaya and vice versa. The Bakar itself was toasted but still fluffy. While the dish was quite faultless, it just lacked a wow-factor.


(Steamed Otak-Otak)

Presented in a steamer, the Steamed Otak-Otak was easily one of the best presented dishes of the day. The fish was bouncy and provided a nice chew. The marination seemed significantly light but was still rather tasty. The fish paste could be more consistent in texture though; there was a huge chunk in the Otak-Otak that ruined the whole texture of it.


(Char Kway Teow)

The Char Kway Teow seemed rather promising on first look, but seemed rather usual in its taste. Adding on to the disappointment was the texture; the Kway Teow were all sticky and clumped up together in a lump, and the prawns felt pretty overcooked as well.


(Curry Laksa Noodles)

A rather wholesome dish, the Curry Laksa Noodles came with condiments such as Chicken and Fish Cake. It was rather balanced in flavour without being too spicy nor too coconuty, giving an old-school taste for the dish. The chicken were also rather tender and came off from the bone easily.

The meal at Papparich felt pretty normal; the food tasted ordinary but not impressive. The pricing of the mains were rather reasonable, however the sides, especially bread items were unusually pricey. I am not sure if I would return again to try some other items, but chances seem somewhat low for the lack of value-for-money.

3 Gateway Drive
Singapore 608532

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