Kraze Burgers – The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands (Closed)

(Kraze Burgers had since ceased all Singapore operations.)

A lot of people might read the name of this Korean burger joint as “craze”, but as soon as we walk into this hip diner at the beautiful artificial skating rink area of Marina Bay Sands, we were greeted by the staff “Welcome to Kra-Zeh Burger!”. That’s when we realised this burger joint would be something out of what we expected.

The menu consists of a large variety of beef burgers, and there are only a handful of burgers with other meat options such as Chicken Burger, or the salmon or fish burger. While most burgers have a typical American feel to it consisting of ingredients such as pickles, BBQ Sauce and tomatoes, there are also several there introduces Korean flavours into it such as the addition of Bulgogi Sauce into the burger Good news for vegans though; there is also a vegetarian burger for one to choose from as well. Despite the wide variety of choices for the beef burgers, many of them were pretty similar to each other, with the reduction of a few condiments and replacing them with another.


(Semi Nude)

Arguably the sexiest burger of all was the Semi-Nude. Coming undressed both on top and at the bottom, this is one of the more unique offerings of Kraze Burger.


(Semi Nude)

Essentially a double beef patty burger with cheese and sunny side up, the beef patty is rather juicy, fresh and definitely did not carry a sharp taste of beef. The egg yolk was pretty runny. Despite so the rest of the ingredients remains pretty mediocre at best. Every burger carries it’s own unique side. For the Semi Nude, the side was garden salad. The funky presentation of the salad makes it seem like a pyramid. No doubt it is aesthetically pleasing, the garden salad was awfully bitter despite the dressing and simply did not make the cut.

Kraze Burgers may have a lot of fresh new ideas towards burgers. Unfortunately the high prices of the food is a major drawback, with the quality of the food and the portion size making it seem overpriced. Moreover, the service standards here are not really great to speak of; it took quite an amount of time for the burgers to arrive and the staff of the restaurant are quite hard to get. The staff also seemed to be quite disinterested in serving its patrons at times. I would probably only give it a go if it decides to turn itself into a more fast-food route, or that the prices go down, or else I am pretty certain I would not return to this place, especially when there are other gourmet burger outlets that are situated in more convenient parts of Singapore around.

Kraze Burgers
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
2 Bayfront Avenue
Singapore 018972

Telephone: +65 6688 7844

Web Page:
Facebook Page:


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Food Esteem says:

    Been working at that area, but didnt took notice this… Lunch for tmr it shall be 🙂

    1. thexw says:

      I never knew about this place until my friend intro-ed to me. This visit was done last year and backlogged in my posting schedule though haha. Think they are also now at Plaza Singapura too.

  2. Is Kraze Burger still in Singapore? Their official site and even Facebook page has been taken down…

    1. jiaksimipng says:

      I hadn’t been checking on it actually … .. is their Plaza Sing outlet still in operations?

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