Assembly Coffee – Evans Road (Closed)

(Assembly Coffee had since ceased operations. The same folks now run Atlas Coffeehouse  with a different menu and concept just a short distance away at 6 Duke’s Road.)

Evans Lodge may be a hostel, but it is also home to several F&B establishments as well. Joining the likes of Hatched and The Wine Company is Assembly Coffee, a cafe that strives to support the Third Wave Coffee Movement that aims to bring coffee enthusiasts together.

IMG_5514 copy

The menu is simple and straightforward, featuring usual suspects such as waffles, poached eggs and sandwiches. There are however more types of coffee served here rather than the standard few, and different brews are available as well. Non coffee drinkers also have juices and teas to choose from.


(Eggs Benedict)

We reached Assembly Coffee in the morning with empty stomachs, which was why we ordered a Eggs Benedict. The eggs were cooked to perfection being runny with liquid yolks, which complimented well with the lightly toasted English Muffin buns that were fluffy without being too crusty. Hollandaise sauce was generous though mild, but was able to bring enough flavour to the dish without being overpowering. Salad came with Vinegarette dressing and felt fresh. My dining partner whom shared the dish despite not liking poached eggs seemed fairly impressed with the Eggs Benedict served here as well.


(Salted Caramel Buttermilk Waffles)

After reading reviews online and seeing pictures on Instagram, I just had to order the Salted Caramel Buttermilk Waffles which was widely raved by the patrons. Indeed, the waffles were airy and fluffy with a distinct flavour of orange zest which made it feel different from other waffles we had tried. The salted caramel drizzled on the waffles was rather sufficient as well and well-balanced in flavour. The ice-cream gave it the hot-and-cold contrast, giving the dish yet another dimension. If anything could have been better, it could have been toastier, though we are not complaining yet.

IMG_5545 copy

(Honey Chamomile Cake)

Tea Cakes had been getting onto me lately, and I must say that the Honey Chamomile Cake did satisfy me. The cake just felt adequately dense though could have been a wee bit more moist, but the flavours were well brought out. A suggestion could be to go lighter on the honey drizzle so as to make the Chamomile stand out more.


(Cappuccino, Flat White)

Assembly Coffee uses blends from Liberty Coffee (Speakeasy Blend) and Geisha Specialty Coffee (Proud Mary Blend), which ensures the quality of their coffee. For those who enjoy milder blends, the Liberty Coffee blend would be more suitable for you.


While Assembly Coffee is not located at a convenient spot (it takes a while to walk in from the main road) and the space is pretty small, it is really comfortable to spend a lazy morning at. The interior fittings felt pretty homely and despite its size, it does not feel claustrophobic. The people have a passion for their coffee, and it shows when they are at work. Efforts are also made to ensure a unique take on the usual cafe offerings to avoid being too mainstream, and the staff also takes food quality seriously by not offering certain dishes due to lack of fresh ingredients. This is definitely an up and coming spot you are looking at now, and a must-visit for any coffee-hopper who loves a serious cuppa.

Assembly Coffee
26 Evans Road
Singapore 259367

Telephone: +65 6735 5647

Web Page:
Facebook Page:


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  1. Food Esteem says:

    Thanks for recommending.. Feeling so hungry now! Haha

    1. thexw says:

      Haha I know right! the waffles looked so good I just could not hold myself to visit too …

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