Granny’s Secret – OG Albert Complex

OG is a department store in Singapore that had always been associated with ladies fashion. While most OG Departmental Stores are located in an independent building just like the OG Albert branch, OG Albert Complex has set aside spaces for F&B operations to operate within the departmental grounds. The most unique out of the bunch operating in OG Albert Complex must be Granny’s Secret which had been there since a few years back.

Granny’s Secret is a brand by the Yi Kou Wei group, which claims to get its fame for their Popiah at Upper Cross Street and decided to branch out by providing locals a source of food with a nostalgic taste. Granny’s Secret plays the role of being a (somewhat) upmarket Chinese restaurant as opposed by the takeaway outlets of the main brand, using recipes that your granny uses for her cooking. It had been quite some time since I have visited this cafe and since we were in the area, why not make a visit to a place that we used to go on a regular basis?



(Granny’s Secret Traditional Popiah)

Granny’s Secret Traditional Popiah was a dish that we ordered whenever we visited. We have requested for no peanuts in our Popiah, but this does not remove the crunchy texture in the Popiah. The ingredients were rather fresh and moist enough without overly wet, though one of the rolls we ordered were not really wrapped properly and fell apart as I picked it up. The sauce was pretty savoury with the chili sauce adding a tint of spiciness to it, though it should be manageable even for people who dislike spicy foods. Each Popiah roll also seems to come with a “salad” at the side, which consists of finely sliced cucumber with a small dollop of mayonnaise and sesame seeds sprinkled on it. The cucumbers were fresh and juicy. I found the mayonnaise pretty essential somehow; without the mayonnaise it would have looked awkward as though it was served without reason. With the mayonnaise, it definitely looks more like a salad.


(Organic Glutinous Rice)

Many of the menu items including those we usually ordered were no longer available, so we decided to go for the Organic Glutinous Rice. I liked how it was a just suitably sticky being easily separable without being too moist, and just had enough taste in it without being too overwhelming. There were also a few dried shrimps in it that gave an instant burst of saltiness that blended well with this dish. While the dried mushroom with gravy on the top was pretty tasty and succulent, the sausages on the side were doused and coated with oil.

While we were initially a bit disappointed with the amount of items being struck off the menu, we were somewhat glad that the standard of the remaining items were pretty much there as it was in the past. During our visit there were also a few groups of ladies enjoying a dish or two with tea around a table, probably enjoying a session of tea after a round of shopping, with a group of men who are leisurely having a cup of coffee over a chat. It’s probably the taste that attracts all of them, for one thing I have noticed it seems that the only patrons there are actually locals from the earlier generation who would appreciate the spread being served there. Come on, where else would they be able to enjoy the convenience of a spontaneous high tea session serving local tasting Chinese food within a department store after their shopping?

Granny’s Secrets (阿嫲的私房菜)
OG Albert Complex
60 Albert Street
Level 2
Singapore 189969


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