BALIthai – Suntec City Mall

BALIthai is a restaurant under the Katrina Holdings, which also owns a few other establishments such as Streats Hong Kong Cafe, Hong Guo, Indobox and So Pho. BALIthai strives to combine the tastes of Thai and Indonesian food into one dining establishment. With the renovation of Suntec City Mall, new eateries such as BALIthai is being introduced to the revamped mall.




(Combination Platter)

A great side to share would be the Combination Platter; a platter consisting of Rice Crisps, Beef Satay (representing Indonesian cuisine), Fish Cakes and Spring Rolls (representing Thai cuisine) and accompanied with a curry sauce and a Thai sweet chili sauce. Most of the items are fine, except the Beef Satay and Spring Rolls which felt rather limp. The Fish Cakes and Spring Roll is well complimented with the Thai sweet chilli sauce, while the Beef Satay and Rice Crisps made a perfect match with the thick and flavourful curry sauce.


(XO Seafood Fried Rice)

The XO Seafood Fried Rice tasted pretty consistent. We opted out of squids for this plate, so more portions of other seafood such as prawns are included. People whom are not resistant to spiciness should refrain from ordering this as it is moderately spicy.


(Pineapple Fried Rice)

The Pineapple Fried Rice came with Pineapple Chili Sauce and Fried Fish. The fish were well fried being crispy, and the Pineapple Chili sauce was significantly zestier from the bits of pineapples
added. The rice could have been tastier though, and we would have loved it more if there were pineapple bits to chew on.


(Basil Chicken with Lettuce Wrap)

The Basil Chicken with Lettuce Wrap despite being a side dish is pretty well-sized. Coming with other condiments such as rice paper and a bowl of assorted vegetables. To eat this, one would have to place the condiments on top of a lettuce leaf and roll it up together. The vegetables are fresh, therefore making a refreshing break from the spiciness of the Basil Chicken. There was quite an amount of small chili in the Basil Chicken which gives the whole dish a fiery kick when bitten, so do take note if you want to order this.

I would not say that BALIthai serves up authentic tasting Indonesian and Thai flavours, however the quality of each dish served is of a reasonable standard. There are definitely better places which may be better in taste and cheaper in price, but at least it is a place that easily meets the minimum criteria as a commercial restaurant.

Suntec City Mall
3 Temasek Boulevard
Singapore 038983

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