iSushi – Blk 57 Upper Changi Road (Closed)

(iSushi has since ceased operations.)

While there are many coffeeshops and such around the area of The Marketplace situated near to Bedok MRT Station and the Bedok Town Centre, there is a pretty unique sushi takeaway outlet located within the same area that serves affordable and unique sushi that even got themselves featured on Channel 8’s “King Of Thrift”, a local TV show broadcasted a few years back that introduces value-for-money deals to its viewers.

iSushi is not an Apple creation, nor does it happen to be an application available for download on iTunes for your iDevices. It is a small stall selling sushi in Bedok, and though it may be a small stall, it definitely has its own group of fans from the surrounding estate. There were several people who were taking away some sushi as we visited the shop. Despite being largely a takeaway shop, there are three bar counter seats facing the mirror on the wall and an outdoor seating of four.


(California Roll and Tuna Maki)

The California Roll and the Tuna Maki was available in fours per pack as well. The sushi rice was tightly packed and did not fall apart while being picked up. The rice was also subtly sweet but not overwhelmingly so. The cucumber in the California Roll was crunchy and fresh but the roe coated on the Maki had no texture to it. For the Tuna Roll, the sesame did bring some taste and a pretty crunchy texture to the sushi, but otherwise it seems pretty average actually.


(Hana Maki)

The Hana Maki was the one which blew me away. At $3 per pack of three, it is likely to be one of the cheapest of such sushis to be found in town. The salmon seems to be reasonably fresh for the pricing, and it was just smooth and just slides down the throat easily. The japanese mayonnaise added a light flavour to the otherwise plain tasting sushi. The only disappointment again came from the roe on the mayonnaise.


(Assorted Maki)

The Assorted Maki was pretty fresh; the cucumbers were just crunchy and the crabstick was pretty flavourful. The sushis were also well wrapped as the seaweed did not come off easily and the rice were also tightly packed. Out of the three, the cucumber really stood out, while the least outstanding one would be the Tamago, with it being rather average at best.


(Unagi Sushi)

Unagi Sushi was definitely flavourful with its sauce. While Unagi is known to be extremely scaly in texture, this one did not feel prickly and was pretty smooth in texture.


(Chili Crab Sushi)

At iSushi, sushi does not just stop at your usual flavours. They had went one step ahead by creating flavours that are suited for the local tastebuds. One such sushi is the Chilli Crab sushi. Essentially a crab stick with spicy sauce, this flavour might not have a kick on its own mainly because the sauce is a bit too light on spiciness. Dip it into the soy sauce and wasabi mixture (the Singaporean way of eating sushi) and it instantly works magic in your mouth with a tinge and spiciness and then a streak of numbness sets in, its definitely one of the items that brought my tastebuds in for a ride.


(Chicken Rice Sushi and Nasi Lemak Sushi)

If Chilli Crab is odd for you, wait till you see the Chicken Rice and Nasi Lemak sushis. The Chicken Rice one is a piece of roasted chicken (with its skin on) over rice with seaweed wrap. My friend who had it told me it was really an interesting combination largely due to the fact that the rice was the same as what we get from chicken rice stalls. The Nasi Lemak sushi came with peanuts and ikan bilis. That was an interesting fusion of textures, but the letdown was that the rice just did not had enough coconut and tasted rather plain.


(Teriyaki Salmon Bento)

We wanted to try everything, so we also went for this Teriyaki Salmon Bento that also came with a Chawanmushi. Most Japanese stalls serve watermelon as dessert in bentos, but a slab of jelly takes the place here.




(Teriyaki Salmon Bento)

The Teriyaki Salmon was tasty with the sauce which gave it a subtly sweet yet alluring saltiness. While that being so the texture of the salmon was as firm as chicken, which was a bjt too hard for my liking. The rice was pretty sweet though its more ideal for a sushi with that sort of sweetness. The Chawanmushi did appear fine and tastes pretty ordinary but turned out to be a bit too mushy inside, while the salad turned out to be crabsticks with a single piece of vegetable with Japanese mayonnaise drizzled on a single crabstick. The jelly was a wee bit too solid, but its the type you can find in Each A Cup bubble teas.

While the bentos served here leaves far to be desired, the sushis are pretty much on par with commercial restaurants, especially Ichiban Sushi. The only things missing here are the restaurant-like environment, the amount of seats, GST and service charge. I must admit the amount of service we got from them was quite good though, and it is definitely a good place for sushi for the budget-strained. If you ever come down for the sushis, do go for the ones that have local flavours infused into them; those would definitely make the trip worthwhile.

For a review from my friend’s perspective, visit the corresponding article at The Urban City Explorer by clicking here.

Blk 57 New Upper Changi Rd
Singapore 461057


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