RONIN – 17 HongKong Street

Much like The Bravery which opened a few months ago, RONIN, another hipster cafe from the good folk of The Plain opened to much hype a week ago at HongKong Street and has already attracted many cafehoppers to make a trip down.

RONIN’s design theme supposedly seems to be of a feudal Japanese style with old rustic wheelbarrow-like tables and weathered wooden cabinets, though seemed a tad confused with industrial elements included as well. Currently it runs without a proper menu, but most items offered are sandwiches ranging from the sweet to the savoury. Also alike The Bravery, there is no obvious signage for the cafe. Coupled with the darkness within the cafe itself, it can be quite an easy to miss the place if you are not looking hard enough for it.


(Dirty Ronin)

Dirty Ronin is one of the specialities of RONIN. A sandwich packed with vegetables, cheese, spicy chorizo and egg with creamy miso dressing, it is definitely a sheer enjoyment for one who loves savoury sandwiches. The spicy chorizo though slightly dry and a wee bit thin, gives the dish a good degree of fiery kick that would be much appreciated by those who fancies spicy food. The crispness of the toasted bread just adds on to the overall goodness.


(French Toast)

A quirky twist from the usual French Toast, caramalised apples and bacon are also added to the dish. The bread was fluffy and accompanied by the maple syrup it was drenched in makes a combination that does not even come close to sickening though it may seem sweet. Large chunks of caramalised apples are included, and gave it a great chew with its sweetness and juiciness. The inclusion of Caramalised Bacon may not hit with some people, but I thought it gave the dish a interesting dimension of taste where sweet meets savoury.




(Flat White)

No different from The Bravery and The Plain, RONIN uses the same Genovese blends as the affiliated cafes. Do expect the same quality coffee served at The Bravery and The Plain, as per the Flat White and Mocha we have ordered.


The folks at The Plain have struck another goal yet again with a cafe that serves quality cafe food at reasonable prices. Much like The Plain and The Bravery, expect RONIN to be fully occupied especially on weekends. One word of warning though; wear your long pants if you intend to sit outdoors; the very same crate seats and tables from The Bravery are recycled for the outdoor seating at RONIN.

17 HongKong Street
Singapore 059660


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Food Esteem says:

    I’m attracted by the Dirty Ronin! Haha.. Must try!

    1. thexw says:

      Hi Food Esteem,

      I found both items really nice but my personal favourite was the French Toast haha. But I do agree that this place is a must-try; it’s so hard to find a place that serves a perfect menu these days.


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