The Missing Pan – Bukit Timah Road (Closed)

(This F&B establishment has since ceased operations.)

It had been some time I had graduated from my school in the Clementi-Bukit Timah area. Having seen the building that slowly got built up, I had never expected it to become a cafe cum bakery concept that would become The Missing Pan, which was commencing operations on the very day we visited.

The Missing Pan is by the same people who brought us Uppercrust at Circular Road. According to one of the staff there, the Circular Road outlet was sold for the move to Bukit Timah. The swanky new building has four floors, two of which open to public where Level 1 is the cafe area with cakes and bread displayed on shelves while Level 2 is the restaurant level and kitchen where dinner and brunch patrons are settled at. A lift is installed for easier access between both levels.


(62 Degree Eggs with Smoked Salmon)

Brunch menu was varied, with items ranging from eggs to sandwiches. What caught my eyes was the 62 Degree Eggs with Smoked Salmon, which stood out due to the specific temperature stated on the menu. Served on top of two sourdough toasts with an avocado spread, the egg white was runny but was able to hold the yolk within. When burst, the yolk oozes out perfectly. The avocado spread was definitely a great substitute for butter for the similarity in texture and taste. Smoked salmon was fresh and gave the dish a touch of savoriness. While the taste was decent, I would have loved it more if the dish was slightly warmer when served, although it could be due to us taking too much time for our photos as well.


(Rosemary Rosti Stack)

My dining partner did not want to have the conventional brunch items served, so he went ahead and ordered the Rosemary Rosti Stack, which comes with sunny side-up, bacon, tomato and grilled zucchini salad. The bacon seemed to be a rather thick slice of ham stacked in between the rosti which felt pretty premium. Rosti was well grilled, with some crispy bits where the potato skins are and also nicely seasoned to taste. The grilled zucchini salad could do with a bit more seasoning though.


(Flat White)

Both of us had Flat White, but both had different latte art on them. It is of a decent quality, however caffeine addicts might find it slightly burnt with a short bitter aftertaste lingering after a sip which may not be really bothering but affects the taste overall.


With food achieving a rather acceptable standard with a price that seemed rather apt for how it tastes, The Missing Pan seems to be off on a good start. On the launch day, it had already lured a few supporters of Uppercrust to give them a try. Service is generally hospitable with one of the waitresses who was chatting up with patrons and attentive to their needs. On the contrary, there was also another that seemed a bit unfriendly though likely to be nervous for the opening. Bukit Timah might be an area that may be flourishing with the many eateries and cafeterias around, but it seems likely that it still has ample room for this one to survive. The next time I am back, I would be giving the bakes and pastries a go; those definitely look interesting to try!

The Missing Pan
619D Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 269724

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