Chai Ho (财好) – Clementi 448 Market & Food Centre

Satay stalls are aplenty in Singapore, however it is hard to find one that serves up very good satay. Being traditionally a malay delicacy, it is usually served in chicken, beef or mutton variants. Pork Satays are typically the hardest to find because most stalls selling Satays are muslim stalls, and pork which is non-halal would definitely not be sold there.

Imagine the delight when we all had when we walked past Chai Ho, a satay stall that carries Pork Satay located in the Blk 448 Market at Clementi near the MRT Station. The queue was really long, but we took it as a sign that it was worth the wait so we joined the queue.


(Pork Satay)

It took a little bit more than 20 minutes to get the satay as there were a few people in front with large orders. The satays here are relatively cheap, being sold at 38 cents per piece. A good Pork Satay usually has fatty meat stuffed in the middle for the extra chew and flavour, or the Pork Satay would end up no different from a Chicken Satay. Chai Ho’s Pork Satay is just that; a good layer of fat that was chewy and provided a flavour burst for the well-marinated meat. I did not have the peanut sauce, but it seemed to contain quite a generous portion of peanuts in it.

It is little wonder how Chai Ho can be so popular with its patrons. Not only is the food cheap, the quality of food served is also rather high. Do not underestimate the small shop space though; within the same compound, the owners also sell flosses and bak kwa as well. Remember to leave some space in your stomach after having a meal at Clementi just for some good satay!

Chai Ho (财好)
Clementi 448 Market & Food Centre
Blk 448 Clementi Avenue 3
Singapore 120448


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