Republished: The Bravery – Horne Road

(The original post dated August 24 2013 has been edited and republished on 2 November 2013)

The recent uprising of cafes within Jalan Besar seems to bring a different vibe to the area. Firstly we had Chye Seng Huat Hardware which opened at Tyrwhitt Road last year to much hype, and the move of Windowsill Pies shortly after. In this month alone, we already seen The Little Prince Cafe opening up at nearby Somme Road. Antoniette at Penhas Road had also been in business there for some time, and now in between of Windowsill Pies and Antoniette we have The Bravery, which just opened a week ago.

The Bravery are affiliated with the well-loved The Plain at Duxton. Much like The Plain, The Bravery aims to be a full-day brunch spot that serves coffee as well. The menu seems pretty inspired from The Plain, but there are also many adventurous items that would requires some bravery to try. The industrial decor might not appeal to some, with beer racks forming stools, rough-looking walls that are purposely finished in that way and lots of unprocessed wood for tables and chairs.


(Poached Eggs on Toast with Smoked Salmon)

I tried to resist myself from having poached eggs but I got myself the Eggs on Toast still. Here, you can choose between having your eggs poached or having a Sunny Side Up, and also add a side if you wish. I had the poached ones with an additional side of smoked salmon.


Look at how the eggs flow …



(Poached Eggs on Toast with Smoked Salmon)

Much of the presentation of this dish follows the style that it is being served at The Plain. The buttered multigrain toast was crusty and crispy and it had a very unique taste on its own, which was pretty fragrant. There is no hollandaise sauce on this one, but it was pretty tasty as the eggs were seasoned with pepper. Coupled with smoked salmon which gives it a savoury appeal, it was definitely a more than decent approach to a dish often served in brunch cafes that carried a uniqueness on its own.


(Sunny Side Up on Toast)

The Sunny Side Up option is largely similar except the eggs are done differently. Similar to the Poached Eggs option, the Sunny Side Up was done perfectly with flowy eggs and the egg white fully cooked through.


(Pancakes Stack)

Unlike the Poached Eggs/Sunny Side Ups on Toast, the Pancakes Stack is a menu item that is unique to The Bravery. The presentation is definitely appealing and appetising, and is one of the more popular items being ordered here. Served with bananas, ricotta cheese, syrup and crushed Pistachio, it is the sort of brunch item that would satisfy the sweet tooth, yet seemingly healthy with the inclusion of fruits. The ricotta cheese was rather light on the palate, which definitely feels a lot less sinful. We found the crushed Pistachio something that we could do without, for it gets stuck in between teeth quite easily.


(Flat White)

The Flat White had a medium body and was pretty aromatic while being flat. It was also using non-acidic blends. Quite a good cup of coffee for me.


The Bravery definitely kicked up a good start. There are a couple of patrons already within its first week of operations, despite their opening was not really as big an affair as some other cafes. Despite so, the food was marvelous and the coffee was up-to-mark as well, though the furnishings may look somewhat flimsy or “cheap” compared to other places. This would definitely give the nearby Chye Seng Huat Hardware a run for their money, especially when it is agreed on a majority that the food there is simply just less appealing even though the coffee is great. Hope things will go great for The Bravery in the future!

The Bravery
66 Horne Road
Singapore 209073

Web Page:
Facebook Page:


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