Hoshino Coffee – Plaza Singapura

Being part of Plaza Singapura’s newly opened extension wing, Hoshino Coffee had never failed to draw crowds to queue outside the restaurant for a meal on weekends ever since they had opened. But is it worth the wait?

Hoshino Coffee originated from Japan, which is why there are countless of Japanese-inspired items on the menu such as Omu Rice, Parfaits and Japanese Curry. The specialties of Hoshino Coffee are the Souffle items, as well as its Coffee (duh right?). Other items such as Pasta and Pancakes are also served here.


(Fuwa-Fuwa Hoshino Souffle)

Having heard (and seen from the plastic models outside the restaurant) how good it looks and tastes, I decided to go for the Fuwa-Fuwa Hoshino Souffle. “Fuwa-Fuwa” is the Japanese term for fluffy, and it surely held true to it’s name. The eggs in the souffle was just so soft and fluffy and it was just marvellous. It just felt as if you were eating marshmallows with that eggy flavour that is trademark with souffles. While the top was light in flavour and fluffy, the rice beneath had a stronger flavour as it was cooked with tomato sauce, and traces of ham can be found inside it as well. A dish that I would recommend to order here.


(Hoshino Spaghetti; pardon the finger in the photo)

The Hoshino Spaghetti was some sort of aglio-olio pasta served with bacon, tomatoes, some vegetables and a nice flowy egg. My friend whom had this enjoyed it, though it might have looked plain at first sight.


(Hoshino Pot Baked Curry)

Hoshino Pot Baked Curry Rice was above average but not really wonderful. It was pretty much of a typical Japanese Curry cooked with rice, and came with a nice and very flowy egg, but with two broccoli stalks and two sausages. The serving size just seemed a little small to be filling; probably more ingredients would have done the trick.

The concept of the food sold here seems rather unique, but the price range could be considered a bit high for certain items in terms of portion size and quality. Sticking to the specialties seem to be a safer option here though; the Souffle was definitely a notch higher in terms of taste as compared to the other items. The next time I visit I should really try the Pancake Souffles, though it would definitely be on a day where I am in the mood to queue for food …

Hoshino Coffee
Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road
Singapore 238839

Web Page: http://www.hoshinocoffee.com/


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Food Esteem says:

    Seen lots of people visiting and having positive comments of this place… The Fuwa-Fuwa Hoshino Souffle seems like my first choice when I visit them 🙂 Wonder if I can omit out the tomato taste though.. haha

    1. thexw says:

      The place seems to be good for its souffles. I want to try the Pancake Souffles when I visit next time though; they always look so good in photos!

  2. Grace Lee says:

    I just tried at a new French Japanese Cafe Kitchen that is similar called Miam Miam- Made From Scratch. Food is similar in a way but a wider variety and better environment, pricing and service. Should give it a try guys.

    1. thexw says:

      Hi Grace

      Have heard about Miam Miam before and saw the photos of their food on Instagram. Have to say the variety and even presentation of food seems largely similar to Hoshino’s as well. How’s the price range like there?


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