Bosses (黑社会) – Vivocity

Bosses, also better known as 黑社会 for our chinese-speaking counterparts had been a mainstay in Vivocity for a very long time. Being located at Vivocity ever since the mall’s opening in 2006. Seven years after, not only did the original outlet remain, it had also opened up affiliated restaurants with different names, such as Yu Cuisine at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. Being one of the popular Dim Sum hangouts for people all over the island, it used to be rather crowded on weekends, attracting people from all age groups for a yumcha session with family or friends. It was quite some time ever since we had ever made our last visit to them for some Dim Sum, so we thought it would be great to head down for a belated Father’s Day lunch.

Much of the restaurant stayed the same over the 7 years that had past; the iconic black hallway in between the reception area and the dining area, the black-themed restaurant that is uniquely theirs. It’s just that familiar, even if it was 7 good years from then.

Unlike the decor, the Dim Sum menu is refreshed for 2013. While much of it’s signature items still remain with the menu, there are some addition of new items. While most who were there went for the Dim Sum, the place also offers Chinese food fit for lunch or dinner as well.


(Crispy Fish Skin)

Most Chinese restaurants would present an appetiser item once you are seated. Most places offer braised peanuts, but Bosses always serve up the Crispy Fish Skin with it’s special chili sauce. The Crispy Fish Skin is just crispy and salted moderately. While it definitely does not taste fishy, it’s light salty flavour definitely aids in opening up the appetites of one before the actual food comes.


(Crispy Sesame Mango Prawn Salad Roll)

Crispy Sesame Mango Prawn Salad Roll was the first item to be served. It was definitely crispy but was not greasy. The sesame also made it pretty fragrant with the fried batter. The prawns were succulent and fresh, while the Mango puree was also sufficiently sweet. The mayonnaise that came with it was a unique blend of Wasabi Mayo that came with the sharp taste of the numbing paste in sushi restaurants, but does not induce that intense numbness that will run through from the tongue to the nose due to the heavier mayo ratio in it.

(Signature Fried Noodles with Superior Soya Sauce)

Signature Fried Noodles with Superior Soya Sauce was definitely chewy and indeed very flavourful. A great dish to have alongside the Dim Sum as a main if you are one who likes to order a serving of rice/noodles/porridge to share to accompany the Dim Sum.


(Prawn with Kai Lan Rice Roll)

Prawn with Kai Lan Rice Roll was a dish that did not really impress as it was served to us lukewarm. The Soy Sauce did boost the flavour of the dish, and while the prawns are big the kai lan was a bit too stiff for my liking.


(Shanghai “Xiao Long Bao”)

Shanghai “Xiao Long Bao” came in sixes, as opposed to the rest of the items that came in either threes or fours in steamers. The dough was rather inconsistent on the top, with a few too thick, a few too thin and a few just right. It did not really help when one of it was also already broken when served. The ones that were fine had a very tasty broth that pretty much filled up the entire Xiao Long Bao, and the meat was just chewy and just nice in texture without any rough bits in between.


(Superior Minor Char Siu Bao)

Superior Minor Char Siu Bao was definitely not a minor in terms of taste, but more so in it’s size (which is why it is named as such). These may look small in size, but there is a reasonable amount of meat packed inside in all the empty spaces. The pork was also definitely well marinated in the BBQ Honey sauce which made it nice and sweet. There were also no traces of fatty meat found inside the bun, a detail that was much appreciated by everyone on the table.


(Har Gow)

Har Gow was also a pretty well executed dish. The prawns were fresh and succulent, though the skin can be a little too thick to some. Loved the fact that it came off from the piece of paper without any bits of the skin sticking onto the bottom.


Queen of Shumai

While there is no regular Shumai dish here, the closest one would be the Queen of Shumai. The prawn sits on the top of the Shumai, presumably trying to be the crown for the Shumai which is why it bears such a royal name. While we did enjoy the Shumai at the bottom that contains much of the taste of prawn, the prawn that sits on top of the Shumai was a bit too stiff for our liking, and we just did not like it that they had included the shell of the tail on top, which makes it a hassle to eat.


(Ace Durian Mochi)

For dessert, Ace Durian Mochi is one of the items that had look been on the menu ever since the restaurants inception. D24 Durian is used here, and the snow skin of the Mochi is just ice-cold and chewy, with the strong flavours of durian and the texture of the fibres being the filling of the Mochi. Definitely something not for the people who cannot take the taste of durian!


(Signature Custard Lava Bun)

The final star of the meal had to be the Signature Custard Lava Bun, which was full of flowy salted egg custard goodness. The bun was not too thick and a bite of the bun brings you straight into the custard that fills up most of the insides. A dish not to be missed while here!

While Bosses is a place with hits and misses, most of the items that made it through the menu after so long are definitely beyond average. The price range for Bosses may be on the high side for some, but it is definitely worth the price you are paying for the food. There are not really any major gripes on its service, though it can be slightly difficult to get their attention at times; something quite standard in most restaurants these days. If you are looking for a new Dim Sum place to hangout, just give Bosses a try to see if it suits your palette.

Bosses (黑社会)
1 Harbourfront Walk
Singapore 098585


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