Merely Ice Cream (Part 2) – Sunshine Plaza

Click here to read about my first visit to Merely Ice-Cream.

From my first visit to Merely Ice-Cream, I guess many can tell that I just simply love the place for its environment and quality ice-cream that I just cannot get enough of. So when I decided to give Fast Food for Thought which was just simply two streets away I told myself that Merely Ice-Cream would be a must-visit, even if the PSI level is going to be sky-rocketing high because god knows when I would get the chance to enter this rather inaccessible spot again.


(Salted Butterscotch + Root Beer Float)

This time round instead of going for random flavours, I decided to get one of their most original flavours back in the day (Salted Butterscotch) and one of their most recent creations (Root Beer Float). The Salted Butterscotch as mentioned is what they deemed as one of the original flavours coming out from them and it shines. Riding on the wave of Salted Caramel or Salty Malty style of ice-cream, they went on a different approach by using Butterscotch instead. It’s light saltiness should be fine with people whom are not into too salty foods, and the butterscotch flavour brings in just the right amount of sweetness without it being unbearably sweet, striking a marvelous balance between the two flavours. The digestive biscuits in the ice-cream gives the Salted Butterscotch ice-cream a nice crunchy texture within it, mimicking much of the texture of cookie dough within ice-creams. Root Beer Float is simply one flavour that I just fell in love with after having my first scoop. Root Beer Float, just like the beverage itself is made out of Root Beer and vanilla pods (as opposed to Vanilla ice-cream in the beverage). Certainly a cool flavour to have if you are a root beer flavour because all of the root beer goodness comes to taste in the ice-cream, with the vanilla mixed in to give it a nice aromatic finish in the end. Have a scoop, put it in your mouth and leave it there for a while, you might even find the gassiness of the Root Beer bubbling on your tongue. Simply magical.

As opposed to the first visit where both of the flavours were slightly grainy in texture, these two that I had on the second visit were very smooth. Merely Ice-Cream is somewhere that I would not miss on a hot day just to get my ice-cream fix done, no matter rain, shine or haze, especially when I am just around the area.

Merely Ice-Cream
Sunshine Plaza
91 Bencoolen Street
Singapore 189652

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. slayedoll says:

    Hello there!
    Stumbled upon your blog from searching for food reccomendations. 🙂 Have to say that i LOVE your little space here!

    I have to try Merely’s after reading this! Visited Creamier recently and was sorely disappointed. Environment and food didn’t live up to expectations despite the hype.

    By the way, you have to try the Rum and Raisins from The Ice cream Shop(
    Me and my partner felt that the Rum really shone through in this flavor and were addicted since day 1. Wonder if it’s just us though, but really love it. I need to try Merely’s Rum and Raisin – I’m sure it’s good too!

    Keep writing! I’m addicted :-p

    1. thexw says:

      Hi slayedoll!

      Apologies for the late reply!

      Thank you for visiting the blog and I am glad that you enjoyed reading the posts! Had went to Creamier a few times in the past and found that the ice cream there a bit short on taste for several flavours (esp the horlicks flavour) and the nutty flavours had too much nuts for my liking. The claustrophobic environment also adds on when it is always so packed every time.

      Heard about The Ice Cream Shop few weeks back and am tempted to try them out though it is a bit far out in the east while I live in the north. Shall drop by and give it a try when I have the time to do so.

      Once again thanks for the compliment and support!


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