Cafe O – Woodlands Xchange (Moved)

(Cafe O has since moved to Raffles Holland V and ceased operations at Woodlands Xchange; updated address at the end of the post. They have another branch at IMM)

The long awaited Woodlands Xchange opened with much hype months ago, introducing a new line of shops along the walkways of the Woodlands MRT Station. It’s opening saw the addition of more new F&B tenants that supplements the high demand that Causeway Point caters to especially on weekends, which also gives consumers more food options than before.

Cafe O’s first outlet in IMM proved successful, which led to a second outlet to open in Woodlands Xchange. Unlike most stalls of its category, Cafe O chooses to stick with the concept of bringing the authentic Malaysian flavours (or more of Ipoh) to Singapore. Menu items are largely familiar to our hearts, with items such as Nasi Lemak, toasts and Roti Prata offered within a small shop area.


(Soft Bun Set)

Toast sets are one of my favourite local breakfasts options, and here the set comes with the usual suspects; coffee/tea with the toasted soft buns (with a choice of kaya & butter, butter or butter & sugar) and soft-boiled eggs. The Kopi here may somewhat appeal to those who love having more condensed milk in their coffee. I opted for simply Kaya in my soft buns, and while the kaya was nothing to shout about, I loved how fluffy the bread was on the inside despite being toasted crispy on the outside. Eggs were a little disappointing by being slightly overcooked, and I am not sure if there are the usual pepper and soy sauce to add but I don’t recall seeing those around.


(Roti Prata + Egg Prata)

Roti Prata was slightly pricey at $1.20 per piece for plain and $2 per piece for egg. This would definitely hit well for those who love the doughier version than the crispy ones. The portion of egg used in the Egg Prata also was rather generous for today’s standards especially when compared to some coffeeshop stalls out there. The curry was flavourful though slightly on the greasy side as well.

While the prices here is slightly on the high side, it really brings another option for those who loves their traditional breakfast sets; after all this sector had always been run by the same few brand names, which makes it interesting when there is a new entrant. Not a definite must-try, but can be well considered for a visit since it’s also located so near to where I live.

Cafe O
Woodlands Xchange
30 Woodlands Avenue 2
Singapore 738343

Raffles Holland V
118 Holland Avenue
Singapore 278997

Facebook Page:


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