Poulet – Vivocity

It’s already been a year since the first Poulet outlet had opened at Bugis+ after the mall’s renovations to transform itself from the former Iluma to its current identity. Now , five outlets operate all over the island, with its latest outlet located in Vivocity.

Poulet is a restaurant under the Thai Express group, the same guys who brought to you brands like Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe, New York New York, Buffet Town, Shokudo Concepts, Kiseki, Pin Le and Heng Heng Curry. Being a french restaurant with specialty in poultry, it is a different route undertaken by the brand so as to increase the brand’s market share across a different target audience. It’s wide variety of french fare spreading across appetisers, mains and dessert definitely sets the image right for Poulet ever since Day 1.

Before I get to the review, pardon the shadows in all the photos. We were given this table under the tree within the restaurant, which was somewhat blocking the lighting coming from the ceiling. Or maybe if you want to add in a dash of imagination; yes we were dining under a tree outdoors on a hot summer day (not).


(Saute Wild Mushrooms)

The Saute Wild Mushrooms contains three types of mushrooms; Button Mushrooms, Shumeiji Mushrooms and King Oyster Mushrooms. The deep earthy flavour just simply bursts in your mouth and along with the runny poached egg with an egg yolk eager to burst once poked, it is a definite must to order if your favourite brunch items include mushrooms and poached eggs.


(Poulet Roti)

The “Roti” from Poulet Roti actually means Rotisserie. While there are quite a substantial amount of mains offered in the menu, the Poulet Roti is definitely something one should never miss when they visit Poulet. One cannot deny it’s popularity amongst the patrons; every single table occupied had a plate of Poulet Roti ordered. The Poulet Roti can be ordered as a half chicken or a whole chicken dish. What is so good about it is the marvelous combination of the honey-glazed chicken with the creamy Mushroom Chardonnay Sauce which made is so delectable. Along with the tender roasted chicken with such flavour that came off from the bones so easily, it was a dish that was simply hard to forget. Strongly recommended for anyone who had never visited Poulet before.



The Tiramisu is one of the stars of Poulet as well, with most people whom had visited them ordering it. The airy but creamy Mascarpone Cheese brings a light taste to the Tiramisu, while the cocoa powder adds a sweet chocolate-y goodness over the cream cheese. The cake was also nicely doused in rum and coffee, with the cake oozing out coffee with every bite yet not becoming too soft or crumbly despite absorbing all the liquid. It was one of the better Tiramisus I had ever had for now.


(Banana Bread Pudding)

The Banana Bread Pudding was nice but not outstanding. We loved the fact it was served extremely hot, and the bread pudding was immediately able to soak up the melting Vanilla Ice-Cream served on top of the bread pudding. The taste of banana was evident, but the bread pudding was a bit too dense and stiff for out liking.


(Long Black)

The Long Black certainly had a very pretty presentation as compared to other places. A much appreciated detail was that the milk that accompanied the Long Black was warmed, therefore would not decrease the temperature of the coffee if added.

Poulet definitely is a place that does what it really does best. The food delivers, and the service is rather prompt with its staff pretty responsive and alert to the happenings within the premises. When a staff is busy with another task, they would ask for another to attend to you rather than to have you wait on them. They also jumbled up one of our orders, and they were quick to replace it with the correct order upon informing, with the manager swift to check on the situation as well. It is something that is really rare to find in restaurants nowadays. It would be interesting to see how Poulet would stand to the upcoming competition coming to its doorstep; with Madam Kwan’s already opened a few doors away and Jamie’s Italian opening soon right opposite Poulet, let’s hope that Poulet will be able to stand against the fight that is coming right into its way.

1 Harbourfront Walk
Singapore 098585

Telephone: +65 6376 9087

Web Page: http://poulet.com.sg/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/PouletSG/


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Food Esteem says:

    Yeah.. Food is nice in poulet, with the branch i visited in bugis +.


    1. thexw says:

      Most of their signatures are rather safe options that seems to have been made to impress. Not really sure on the other items such as the Bread & Butter Pudding though.


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