Itacho Sushi – Bugis Junction

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Personally, Itacho Sushi is one of my more preferred options when it comes to chain Japanese restaurants that serve sushi within shopping centres. While we were just walking around Bugis Junction, we walked past an Itacho Sushi outlet and since I had not really visited them in a while, why not make a visit now?


(Crab Salad)

Itacho Sushi is pretty much known for their wide variety of fresh Sashimi and Sushi that are known to be creatively designed. However, we were more curious on how the other items might taste like because we had not really tried anything else other than their sushi and some dessert and deep-fried items. The Crab Salad may be disappointing to some by substituting Surimi for Crab meat, however the cucumbers were refreshing and the fish roe would just burst with every bite. The light salad sauce also does not overpower the various flavours of the dish, and with a price tag of below $5, you can’t really expect anything more than this with its freshness.


(Grilled Mackerel)

The Grilled Mackerel tastes pretty much like Saba. The sea salt somehow enhances the flavour more, though some might find it quite revolting as it tastes strongly of the sea.


(Grilled Salmon with Spicy Miso)

Salmon is something that I just cannot do without lately. The Grilled Salmon with Spicy Miso was nicely grilled with a crispy skin but retained its succulent texture on the inside. The fish was lightly marinated with Miso which gives it some flavour, but not so much that it would cover off the signature taste of salmon. Japanese-style chili powder is sprinkled on top, giving the fish a moderately spicy sensation.


(Mini Unagi Rice)

Illustrations on the menu showed a full cup of rice with Unagi presented over the rice, but when the Mini Unagi Rice came to the table, it was more than just minuscule. With only a pinch of rice served, this definitely looks smaller than any kids meal. However, it is definitely a good size for those who just wants have a try of different items as it is barely filling. The Unagi was well marinated with a sauce that really brought out its flavour, though it was tad scaly for some pieces.

Overall, Itacho Sushi is not all about sushi. In fact, the other items do have the same consistency in freshness and tastes as well. Prices may be a bit steep for some as most of the items are fairly small, so it probably takes more orders to fill one up.

Itacho Sushi
Bugis Junction
Singapore 188021

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