Chicken House – Lorong Kilat

I have always wanted to visit Lorong Kilat for Nook D.I.Y pancakes, and have read from blogs that there is an Udders, Alfero Gelato, Auntie Kims and Carpenter & Cook there. Admittedly I had never paid attention to the large signboard outside a building that is repeatedly blocked by the construction of Beauty World MRT Station until I saw a television advertisement about Chicken House and saw the address.

Much like Bukit Timah Food Centre, I had never paid attention to Lorong Kilat throughout my three years of education in the area. Having graduated now, I decided that I should pay homage to those places that I should have long visited, especially after gaining much knowledge on an area I used to know so little about, and decided to go to Chicken House for a try.

Turns out, Chicken House is a place with a coffeeshop setting, and not only sells chicken rice but also salted chicken and another stall that sells Laksa. Given its name, I thought it would be better if I stick to ordering Chicken Rice still.


(Chicken Rice – Individual)

The individual portion of the chicken rice comes with soup. At a price of $4.20, some may not call this place cheap, maybe even calling it slightly expensive, though it should be somewhat reasonable since it is somewhat a specialist stall.



(Chicken Rice – Individual)

The rice had the flavour but it was a bit light for my preference. The chicken was succulent, and definitely tender even for breast meat. The skin was smooth and it is just slurping good. The sauce was also light and lifted the taste of the chicken instead of overwhelming it, though it was a little insufficient I would say. Soup might look very clear, but there was enough flavour coming through it and provided a nice refreshing feel with every sip instead of adding another taste to your tongue.

Chicken House is a good place to go to if you are one who likes to enjoy a meal at coffeeshop settings and you know you love your chicken rice. There are better tasting ones out there, but it really does not hurt to give this a try as well. The location may be a bit of a turn off for a few people, but get over that and you would be satisfied. And did I mention that you could even have an ice-cream treat at Alfero Gelato or Udders or even a coffee date at Carpenter & Cook after you meal; all of it within walking distance from each other (seconds apart)?

Chicken House
Kilat Court
17 Lorong Kilat
Singapore 598139


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