Brownice – Sin Ming Centre

We have heard a ton of different types of Ice-Cream; Gelato, Soft-Serve and so on. How about a Vegan ice-cream?

If that sounds all fantasy to you, you probably had not heard about Brownice. Brownice claims to be Singapore’s first vegan ice-cream store in Singapore, and their ice-creams do not include dairy products and eggs, using brown rice milk as a replacement for the above ingredients. So what you get from Brownice would be vegan low-fat ice-cream that is suitable for the lactose-intolerant, mostly gluten-free and healthier. Doesn’t that sound all wonderful already?


(Banana Oats + Macadamia)

On my visit I decided to go for two flavours; the Banana Oats (which is seemingly the only non gluten-free flavour) along with the Macadamia flavour. The Banana Oats carries a very nice morning breakfast-y vibe with it; much like cereal mixed with fresh bananas without the milk added. The texture is also smooth and does not differ from regular non-vegan ice-cream. The Macadamia flavour carried the nut’s signature taste; it was sufficiently nutty yet light enough, a pretty refreshing taste for a nutty flavour.

For vegans, Brownice is a definite must try, especially for those who had been craving for ice-cream for some time yet not aware of such offerings. Non-vegans should also make a trip down as well; this is a place that shows how vegan food can taste or be as good as its non-vegan counterparts. And if you thought that they only sell ice-cream, they do sell sandwiches, waffles, mudpies, coffee and tea, all of which are also vegan as well! If you had never been to Brownice before, you should; just to taste it’s goodness.

Brownice Ice-Cream
Sin Ming Centre
8 Sin Ming Road
Singapore 575628

Web Page:
Facebook Page:


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