Pique Nique – jCube (Closed)

(Pique Nique had since ceased operations at all of their locations in Singapore.)

Pique Nique should be no stranger to cafe hoppers. Ever since last year with its first outlet appearing in Ngee Ann City, it had been known as a place for all-day breakfast and sweet treats. Opened by the same chef behind the well-known Antoinette, much had been expected of for its more affordable counterpart. The outlet in jCube feels much more soothing with a huge tree located in the centre of the cafe, and the lush green carpeting of the patio-like space is a great setting for a nice “picnic”.


(Norwegian Benedict)

I was craving for a good brunch that was light, hence I went for the Norwegian Benedict. This item probably got its name from the smoked salmon, which is coupled with sour cream atop English Muffins and a salad at the side. The whole dish was of a decent quality, but apart from the pretty presentation, there was not really much to be mentioned. Overall it was lacking the wow-factor.


(Classic Benedict)

The Classic Benedict differs from the Norwegian Benedict by replacing the smoked salmon with ham and sour cream with hollandaise sauce. The hollandaise sauce seemed rather savoury though it came with an aftertaste I was not particularly fond of. Apart from that much of the dish remains largely similar, and also was not really outstanding.






(Pique Nique’s Big Breakfast)

The Pique Nique’s Big Breakfast is somewhat like a full works in the menu. Comes with baked beans with capsicums, sausage, bacon, toast, salad, choice of sunny side-up, poached or scrambled eggs and a complimenting orange juice or a cup of coffee. The baked beans were rather impressive as it did not carry the generic taste of canned baked beans and instead was heavy with the taste of tomato puree nicely spiced with capsicums. The sausage was tender and the bacon was crispy though slightly dry. The others were again decent, but lacking the wow factor.



The Latte was actually pretty good as it felt rather balanced and neither too acidic or burnt. The cute latte art definitely got me.

Overall while the presentation of the food at Pique Nique was able to impress, the taste itself does not seem to be able to impress. I am not really sure if my expectations were too high, but I reckon that the competition generally serves the same items with a lot more soul and character placed into the food itself. While it is a place that might not impress the brunch enthusiasts, it still is a good place to go to for people who are new to the idea of having brunch; after all the food served here are of a decent quality anyway. The desserts looked rather appetising though, and that would probably be the motivation for me to visit them again.

Pique Nique
2 Jurong East Central 1
Singapore 609731

Telephone +65 6684 5761

Web Page: http://www.piquenique.com.sg/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/PiqueNique.sg


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