Omakase Burger – The Grandstand

Omakase Burger is a place that does not need much introduction now. Opened to much hype ever since November 2012 with the revamped Turf City which is now known as The Grandstand, Omakase Burger is a name known to all foodies; some even calling it the best burger in town.

“Omakase” is actually a Japanese word. It actually means “I’ll leave it to you”. More commonly used in Japanese restaurants which serves two to three course meals at a fixed price where the chef cooks up whatever is on his mind, it is a symbol that the chef actually has the confidence to convince the customers that whatever food item being served by them would be satisfactory to their customers.

Here at Omakase Burger, even though the name has it, the place does not decide a random burger on that they are confident that they will impress you with it. The meaning is more skewed towards the point where they are confident that every item that they serve on the menu would be a satiating meal to the customer. Fixed menu items include a variety of burgers, mostly made with beef patties, chicken items, fries, salads, desserts and drinks. Set meals are available at an additional cost which adds the fries and drink to the burger. An additional patty is also available at an extra charge.


(Omakase Cheeseburger)

The Omakase Cheeseburger is the simplest and most basic burger you can get here. Coupled with the artisan buns and the beef patty are two slices of tomatoes, a slice of melted cheese, lettuce and a secret sauce. While this place does seem similar to fast food restaurants in its operations, I like the fact that you can choose how well you want your beef patty to be. I had mine Medium Well and it was charred on both bottom and top but retained a pretty squishy centre, just like how it should have been. The cheese was tasted pretty without being overwhelming or sickening at all, and melted over the patty which adds up the aesthetic appeal of the burger overall. There were bits of caramalised onions in the burger as well creating a subtle hint of sweetness, and the vegetables were all rather juicy and fresh. This burger did not only just looked the part, it was also very well-executed when it comes to the quality and taste of it.


(Truffled Fries)

Ever since my first try on truffle fries at Grazie, I had always wanted to try the ones elsewhere. The Truffled Fries here have a tiny hint of truffle aroma in them, and gets stronger as you go to the bottom, but I personally felt that it could have been tastier if it was stronger.

Omakase Burger is somewhere that you would have a dilemna on whether to visit or not. Firstly, the location at The Grandstand may not be a convenient point for all to visit. Secondly, while the burgers here are of a very good quality and one of the few rare ones in Singapore that both looks and taste good, the price tag seemed pretty hefty at $13.90 onwards for just the burger. Adding up the sides that cost an average of $6.00 and drinks of $3.00 and if you are one who fancies having an after-meal dessert, you are likely to pay more than $30 for just a simple meal of fast food. Furthermore the burgers here are not huge; in fact by diameters it already has lost out with the sizes that fast food chains offer these days. Despite the points being made, it is a must for a person to visit Omakase Burger at least once in their lifetime; it is likely to be one of the places that would be able to serve food that creates an impression on you.

Omakase Burger
The Grandstand
200 Turf Club Road
Singapore 287994

Web Page:
Facebook Page:


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