Heidian (黑惦) The Food Market – Blk 747 Yishun Street 72

Tucked away in a coffee shop that is not facing the main road, Heidian is one of those coffee shop western stalls that you would not know about it’s opening unless you are a resident in the area. Thanks to the advent of technology for marketing purpose however, the name Heidian seems to be more known than its counterparts in similar settings which do not have a Facebook page or Instagram/Twitter accounts.

While it looks like an average western stall from the outside, it tries to pass off as a more modern one with stylised signboards and the huge vertical menu adorned on most similar stalls these days. The name remains as one of the most memorable, adopting a rather controversial chinese name with a fancy tagline to go with it.

This place mostly serves the usual western fare Chicken Chop and Carbonara, but there are some that are less commonly found in coffeeshops such as the Beer Battered Fish & Chips as well as the specialty Crispy Biscuit Pork Cutlet.


(Biscuit Pork Cutlet)

Biscuit Pork Cutlet as it seems is actually your deep fried cutlet with biscuits mixed in the frying batter. It comes with a choice of two sides, which I went for Potato Wedges and Coleslaw. A dip also accompanies the dish.



(Biscuit Pork Cutlet)

I am not really a fan of fried dishes and normally go for grilled items as I find most fried dishes similar tasting and does not test much skills of the chef behind the stove compared to grilled items, but this one impressed me quite a fair bit. The Pork Cutlet was indeed crispy, yet not too moist nor too dry on the inside. It was also not excessive oily without oil oozing out with each cut. The dip is extremely liquid, but it intrigued me with this zingy and citrusy taste that went so well with the milky tasting sauce. Not only did it felt great with the meat, it also felt like a great place to dunk the fried skin into. The potato wedges was the better of the two sides being crispy and nicely seasoned, while the coleslaw was decent and served cold.

With so many modern western food stalls opening up in coffee shops to provide more affordable western fare to people in the heartlands, it is definitely hard to stay afloat amidst all the competition. Heidian manages to distinguish themselves from the crowd however; offerings such as the Biscuit Pork Cutlet are really unique dishes that would be able to capture the hearts of their patrons. One thing to remember when you are visiting; this is a place that serves very decent coffeeshop-style western food, so do not expect exquisitely cooked food nor intricately designed presentation for how the food is plated here. This is the place where even the basics are sufficient to satisfy.

Heidian (黑惦) The Food Market
Hiap Hoe Eating House
Blk 747 Yishun Street 72
Singapore 760747

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Heidian-%E9%BB%91%E6%83%A6-TheFoodMarket/504620362925353?fref=ts


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