Maple & Market – Cassia Crescent (Closed)

(Maple & Market had since ceased operations.)

Lately I had have a liking with having cakes or bread. Bakeries that strictly serve bread, cakes or pastries along with coffee seemed to excite me so much I was just dying to visit them. So when I realised how near Brawn & Brains was to Maple & Market, I decided to check them out on the way as well.

Maple & Market is not a very big place. There are only two tables and sits less than 10 in total. I have heard that they used to be way quieter in the past when it was lesser known, but ever since it got featured on too many blogs, empty spaces are a rare find here, so I must have been really lucky to find a whole table empty when I visited. A sizeable area is used for the counter area which displays all the beautiful cakes that they sell, as well as another area specifically crafted out for their classroom where you can sign up courses on how to make specific cakes.


(Tofu Cheesecake)

Decided to skip on coffee although I have heard they are using Nylon Coffee Roaster’s blends because I was going to have coffee at two other places later. Instead, I went for two cakes. The Tofu Cheesecake was pretty rich and creamy with a distinctive cheesecake taste yet being light at it, which made it seemed pretty outstanding from other Tofu Cheesecakes that I had that tasted a tad fake and artificial. I loved the crushed biscuit crust on the bottom which gave it a crunchy bite at the bottom as well. Definitely a viable healthy option compared to the usual cheesecake as it would be less health-damaging.


(Maple & Bacon)

I love bacon so much I cannot resist not having the Maple & Bacon, which is like an egg cake with butter, roasted almond and caramalised bacon sitting on top. The caramalised bacon tasted much like bak kwa, but otherwise it looked like a pretty good breakfast-inspired item, like pancakes with butter and bacon served all together in compact form. Pretty decent!


Maple & Market also sells a wide variety of regular cakes with various ingredients, so there is going to be something that you would like if you find the Maple & Bacon or the Tofu Cheesecake slightly abstract to you. It seems like they are pretty popular; during my visit there was an endless stream of customers walking into the store, and leaving with takeaway boxes or finished their cakes there. It is pretty near to the Old Airport Food Centre, which makes it for a good after-meal dessert, but if you are heading there without a trip to the well-loved food centre, I strongly suggest that you walk in from Guillemard Road, which seems to be more convenient for me.

Maple & Market
Blk 34 Cassia Crescent
Singapore 390034

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