GRUB – Bishan Ang Mo Kio Park

How comforting would it be for one to enjoy a scenic view of the park in the heartlands and enjoy some food along with some company?

GRUB, which is by Cookyn Inc. is located at the recently revamped Bishan Ang Mo Kio Park is definitely a good place for a walk or jog, but the idea of having an eatery in a scenic location like this is ingenious. The small lake in front of the bistro gives it a unique look second to none. There are choices of interior seating which is brightly lit, and an alfresco area that is nice on a breezy night being dimly but adequately lit which looks ideal for a romantic date. The menu here is typically western, focusing on mostly bistro fare such as burgers and also offers brunch till 2pm on weekends.


(Grilled Chicken Leg)

The Grilled Chicken Leg was indeed a pleasant surprise when it was presented in a form similar to Chicken Corden Bleu. Served atop a homemade mash and stuffed with roasted peppers, it was a dish that was very well put together. The peppers were able to give a nice spiced flavour to the chicken, and the corn and garlic garnishes gave a lot of flavour to the rather impressive and smooth mashed potatoes which tasted unlike pre-made ones with the additional cheesiness, but more of the no-nonsense pure tasting ones with ample seasoning.


(The GRUB Cheeseburger)

The GRUB Cheeseburger (or the burgers served here in general) are touted as one of the better few burgers served in Singapore. The beef patty was nice and tender without any gaminess, and the melted cheese definitely was the deal of the burger. While the whole burger did feel nicely put together, it was lacking a certain wow-factor to it. In simple terms it was one of the burgers you find that is good, but then lacking a reason to explain on it.



Churros are hard to find in Singapore, and one of the reasons why we made a visit to GRUB was because they had them. I found that the Churros had the perfect texture, but lacking on taste if being eaten on its own. The batter itself was a bit bland, and there was not enough cinnamon and sugar coated on top. Probably they were done this way on purpose for the dips that came with it. The chocolate sauce was rich but lacking a sweetness to make the churros alluring, but the tangy creme anglaise was the one that brought life to the churros. The tangy lemon which also had a creamy taste gave a nice soft sweetness with a zing to the Churros, and was agreed as the most compatible dip of the two.



Affogatos usually have a mixed identity in restaurant menus, where some places list it as a dessert while some as a type of coffee. The places that usually calls them a dessert though serves them in cups, leading one to wonder why is it called a dessert when it looks no different to a regular cup of coffee only with a scoop of ice-cream on top. The ones here are categorised as dessert, and properly presented in a bowl, which is a great detail I suppose. A classic combination as always. Just a side note; the blend used here are by Liberty Coffee as well.



Latte was my friend’s order which I cannot really say anything because I am more of a Flat White person, but he said it was one of the better ones he had.

GRUB has been getting big recently on Instagram, with a lot of pics posted especially if you look it up via the geotag feature. Weekend nights attract rather big crowds, with the bistro at full capacity even from 6:30pm onwards. Be ready to join the waiting list by adding your name, phone number and number of pax in the iPad situated at the front, when a automated call will be made to your phone once a table is ready. Good food requires patience, and queueing should be nothing special since it is already almost a national sport. After all if you are really bored just take a stroll around the park and take some scenic shots; there is just so much to do!

Bishan Ang Mo Kio Park
510 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1
Singapore 569983

Web Page:
Facebook Page:

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