Backstage Cafe – Performance Building

Kallang Way would be one of the last few places you would expect a cafe to be located at. Sure, we have seen many cafes that had opened lately, but they usually seemed to open around the town area or anywhere that has shophouses. Nestled within the industrial area, this is one location you would have never thought the word “cafe” actually meant what it was supposed to mean instead of being an atas (also known as upscale) name tagged on a coffee shop.

With small scale cafes having a limited amount of seating available, Backstage Cafe’s interior is definitely one of the rare few that makes it feel luxurious in terms of space. High ceilings, an adequate amount of seating and spacing between seats makes the space feel bigger than it actually is. The wise layout of situating the counter as the centre piece of the storefront instead of at the side not only allows convenience when it comes to ordering, it also makes the whole interior less squashed as the seatings would be surrounding it rather than clumped in a section. Food is available here, though the pastas and all day brunch set selection is pretty limited.


(Chicken Roulade)

The Chicken Roulade contains sundried tomatoes, spinach and cream cheese. The chicken was not tough and the cream cheese complimented it well as well as giving a savoury flavour to the spinach. Finished with a romesco sauce, it gives a slightly tangy taste to the savoury chicken roll. The sauteed vegetables were pretty soft and juicy, though would be better with a bit more seasoning.


(Flat White)

They use Papa Pahelta blends for their coffee here, which personally is not my preference due to its slightly more acidic nature. However, they have added quite a substantial amount of milk into this cup of Flat White, which definitely toned down the acidity and made it pretty flat which is much to my taste, though some might find it not as strong as they wanted.


With its unique location, Backstage Cafe seems to be able to stand out from the crowd of other eateries within the area as it differs from being a cafe rather than a food court or coffee shop. This definitely gives it an edge to attract a niche crowd that was not being catered to in the past around the area. While this can keep the cafe going, I do hope they would improve the food menu in the future by adding some newer and more creative dishes that would help to create an identity for the cafe so as to pace themselves with the competition out there which would benefit in the long run.

Backstage Cafe
Performance Building
158 Kallang Way
Singapore 349245

Web Page:
Facebook Page:


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