Kooka Cafe – Purvis Street (Closed)

(Kooka Cafe had since ceased operations.)

It’s rare that I ever have a lazy Saturday afternoon to chill out, so when I did have it I decided to head down to a spot that I recently had read about online.

Kooka Cafe is an Australian cafe located at Purvis Street. I went on a weekend lunch hour and there was not much people in the cafe, hence it was rather quiet. The dim lights and dark wooden furnishings creates a very comfy and soothing atmosphere; a conducive environment for a lazy afternoon chill-out spot. It sells lunch items, brunch items, cakes and cookies; some of which are very true-blue Australian cuisines.


(Kooka’s Iced Coffee)

I went for the Kooka’s Iced Coffee and this is definitely a comforting drink to have on a hot sunny day; the fragrance of the coffee is definitely not covered by the ice and still is very rich in flavour. There is a scoop of vanilla ice-cream in it and honestly speaking, this is one of the most rich vanilla ice-creams I ever tasted. Definitely good enough to be even served on its own and also made me wondered why I actually ended up skipping out on the Affogato.


(Omelette on Toast – Bacon, Mushroom & Tomato)

An item perfect for any brunch, the Omelette on Toast comes in two variations and I chose the Bacon, Mushroom and Tomato. The egg was not overcooked nor undercooked, hence very fluffy and fragrant. The sauteed mushrooms inside the Omelette was also very juicy and flavourful, offering much earthy flavour to the egg. The bacon’s taste also enhanced the taste of the dish by adding sufficient saltiness to the dish, yet not ruining the texture as it was cooked to perfection without the chewiness of undercooked bacon or being hard and tough from being overcooked. The tomato added a very refreshing zest to the egg, and the toast at the bottom was fluffy in the inside but crisp on the surface; definitely a great dish to have to start the day right!



This little babies caught my attention when I was ordering the Omelette on Toast and the coffee and I decided to get them after my meal. These cute little cookies is a cuisine originating from Australia called Yo-Yos and they are cookies with a cream cheese filling (as I am told). These cookies are more similar to shortbread in texture and tasted like a much lighter version too. The cream cheese isn’t as sour as those store-bought ones and felt a bit sweeter, and hence less jialat. It would be a pleasure to have as a tea time biscuit to compliment a cup of coffee or tea.

Kooka Cafe is definitely one of my new found favourites after this first visit. It’s peaceful environment coupled with its food definitely lures me for more, especially if I am looking for true-blue Australian treats. I heard that they do serve Lamingtons sometimes too; something that I personally have been dying to try since a while back. Guess that is one more excuse for myself to make the long journey up from the north here, I think?

Kooka Cafe
18 Purvis Street
Singapore 188597

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/kookacafe


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