The Marshmallow Tree – Blk 46 Telok Blangah Drive (Closed)

(The Marshmallow Tree had since ceased operations.)

The Marshmallow Tree is a new cafe that had recently sprouted in the sleepy estate of the Telok Blangah where there seems to be a shortage of cafes there. Opened around a month ago, there were a few photos being posted which involved a very interesting “marshmallow tree” served, which definitely piqued my interest so I decided to check them out.

The cafe is themed specifically to look like a garden or patio seating. Lots of green faux grass carpeting are placed under the seats and wooden tables with different shapes for the surface are used for a more natural look. The main selling point here are the marshmallows and waffles, though they do sell coffee and ice-cream as well.


(Flat White)

The Flat White was slightly too milky and was a bit burnt. It was however silky smooth, and should not be a problem with people who are not so into coffee. You can choose to add the marshmallow at no additional cost, which I did because it was just what I came here for; just wanted a photo of the marshmallow badly! The marshmallow was toasted beforehand and makes a very good combination with the Flat White when dipped inside.


(Waffle Affogato)

The Waffles Affogato is the must-try item stated on the menu board. I love waffles, and if you had been following me for a while I absolutely cannot resist any temptation when it comes to Affogato. This is a rather interesting combination, though I must say that I do not especially love it. I liked how the waffle here is airy, crispy and light, though the batter needs more work as the eggy taste seemed to stop short somewhere. The vanilla ice-cream was pretty fine, but the addition of espresso on the waffle can be a bit adventurous for some. Some coffee addicts might love it, but I find it creating an odd taste with the waffles as though the waffles was burnt due to the bitterness, though it was also aromatic with the fragrance of coffee. The ice cream and the marshmallow did however mediate out that taste, which makes me kind of have a love-hate relationship with this dish which was a tad quirky for me.


(Smores – Maple Syrup)

The Smores comes in various flavours such as chocolate, nutella and strawberry. I went for the Maple Syrup version. These are toasted marshmallows stuffed in between two table water crackers with cream on the top. Sinful as it seems but it was totally worth the calories; special instructions were given and I am told to squash it downwards before eating it. The marshmallow cream was irresistable and the maple syrup enhanced its sweetness. It was only a tad messy to eat as the marshmallow cream got onto my hand with the maple syrup and created a sticky mess on my fingers, but it was all worth it and I am not complaining.


With all the focus on the sweet stuff, many dessert lovers will definitely be impressed by what The Marshmallow Tree has to offer. There are also tarts and cakes available, which makes up a good place to have a coffee or tea session. I personally will strongly recommend the marshmallow items sold here. Sure, it may sound like a foolproof idea, but it is also what they seem to do the best as well.

The Marshmallow Tree
Blk 46 Telok Blangah Drive
Singapore 100046

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Facebook Page:


3 Comments Add yours

  1. andmorefood says:

    water crackers in smores?! that’s complete blasphemy!

    1. jiaksimipng says:

      Quite the most unique thing that they sell, that is 😉

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