Dessert Bowl (一碗甜品) – Serangoon Gardens

Dessert Bowl was one of the places that we had wanted to try but had never done so because we do not usually frequent the area. Since we were in Serangoon Gardens, why not give it a try?


This dessert place is located on the second level of the shophouse. Signs leading to the stairwell of the shop are very prominent, and the iconic baby photo stuck on the glass door is definitely something hard to be missed. Go up the stairs and you will find the seating area and the many small scale models of food stalls lined up in between the seats, which definitely grabbed the attention of some patrons.


(Mango Pomelo)

My dining partner did not mention much on the Mango Pomelo, so I guess it must be pretty decent since he is one who definitely speaks up when his food goes wrong.


(Milk Custard)

Milk Custard was pretty decent as well. It was jelly-like and silky-smooth. Taste-wise it just suited me because neither did it taste too sweet or heavy, nor it was bland. It tasted like a light custard without the eggy part, but with a bit of milkiness inside.


(Durian Mousse)

The Durian Mousse is something I will probably not miss ordering here. It is quite a huge portion, and as though the mousse itself is not enough, it also has a scoop of durian flesh placed inside. The mousse itself had been sweetened, but take a bit of the flesh with every scoop of the mousse and it helps taking some of the sweetness away and adds some bite to the dessert. One of the must-haves here which is well worth the Chef’s Recommendation title.


The desserts at Dessert Bowl are pretty good. If I ever step foot into Serangoon Gardens again, I would definitely pay them a visit unless I get distracted by the desserts the cafes around them offer.

Dessert Bowl (一碗甜品)
80A Serangoon Garden Way
Singapore 555976


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