St Marc Cafe – Marina Square

Marina Square’s newly-constructed wing features a myriad of new dining options. Dubbed the “The Dining Edition”, it is indeed the edition for dining of the mall. Featuring both local and overseas brands, The Dining Edition aims to bring a new dining experience to the mall by bringing names such as Addictions Cafe from Dempsey, as well as all-time favourite Suki-Ya into the new wing of the mall.

St Marc Cafe’s second outlet is also located in The Dining Edition within Marina Square, with the first outlet located in Vivocity. St Marc is better known for coffee, soft serves and its famed Chococro.


(White Chococro)

We ordered a White Chococro. The Chococro is essentially a croissant stuffed with chocolate on the inside. The White variant comes with white chocolate. The Chococro felt oily on th exterior but quite dry on the inside, and rather chewy than crispy. The white chocolate does introduce a new level of sweetness into the croissant, but it was too sticky and overwhelmingly sweet for my liking. This would be suitable for sweet tooths however, especially those who love chocolate or milk chocolate.


(Kintoki Milk)

Kintoki Milk was essentially a base of condensed milk and shaved ice served with soft-serve ice-cream with a dollop of red bean paste on the side. While it did taste fine, it seemed like a dish which can be replicated without much effort and seemed largely uninspiring. The red bean paste was pretty well done however, with the beans mashed up pretty well for a consistent texture. One thing we were definitely not happy about was finding two pieces of plastic, seemingly coming from a container bag inside the dessert. We are not sure where it came from, but we really do hope they pay a little more attention to what goes into their food.

The dining experience at St Marc Cafe was not a smooth one, however we would remain open-minded about it with intentions of revisiting it again notably for the Little Fuji dessert and possibly the coffee. Just hope that plastic would not end up as part of the ingredients again though.

For a review from my friend’s perspective, visit The Urban City Explorer for the corresponding article by clicking here.

St Marc Cafe
Marina Square
6 Raffles Boulevard
Singapore 039594

Web Page:
Facebook Page:


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