The Providore – Mandarin Gallery

The Providore is one of the newest and probably the swankiest cafe within the Orchard area. Having barely opened for less than 3 weeks during our visit, this cafe seems to be not as packed as others, but is soon making their mark on the map just like how the others had already did.

If the name sounds familiar, you have probably heard of The Providore Warehouse, which is a retail shop that sells all the fancy food products imported from all over the world located at Outram. The concept of Providore is pretty similar to Jones The Grocer, which both brands are in fact established by the same owners, who sold off Jones The Grocer last year.

The Providore’s menu brings a different category of dining altogether. The Small Plates Menu is the only food menu you will get, and only served at specific hours. These are great for sharing, where regardless given the small, medium or large category, are meant to be shared. Sides can be added at an additional cost, and desserts apart from cake also includes The Providore Gelato which are available with a variety of flavours.


(Spatchcock Chicken)

We ordered the Spatchcock Chicken. Described as a chicken roasted with lemon and thyme, garlic and shallots, verjus and Creme Fraiche sauce, this was a nice treat. Belonging to the “Large” category on the small plates menu, it comes as two drumsticks and two wings, which makes it good to share with two.


(Spatchcock Chicken)

The chicken was tenderly roasted and the skin was crispy and crusty with a very sweet yet tangy flavour which made it pretty savoury. There was definitely something citrus-y going on in there and complimented the chicken really well. The garlic and shallot added some aroma to the chicken, which was delightful to have. The only problem we had to deal with was the bones which were seemingly all over the place (maybe I am just skilless at this). There was a layer of vegetables under the chicken too, and do not leave them out! Coupled with the garnish at the bottom it is indeed seductive in its flavour which leaves you wanting more. I was a tad disappointed when my friend told her it was fine to clear the plate when the waitress politely asked if she could clear it for us when it had a few strands of vegetables left on the plate unfinished. I nearly called her back but let it go. It’s just that good.


(Roasted New Potatoes with Rosemary and Romasco Sauce)

We ordered a side to compliment the chicken, and the Roasted New Potatoes with Rosemary and Romesco Sauce did not disappoint. Crispy skin and hot bite-sized potatoes seasoned with mixed herbs and salt, it was a simple yet alluring dish. While there was a puddle of oil at the bottom of the bowl, it was still generally decent. The Romesco Sauce got us thinking if it Tabasco was involved as it had a tangy taste with tomato puree in it which was pretty decent as well, but I generally prefer any roast potatoes to be left on their own instead of being dipped in sauce.


(Red Velvet Cake)

To finish off the meal, we ordered a Red Velvet Cake that was subtly sweet. This was a far cry from the usual red velvet cakes as there is a lack of mascarpone but instead replaced with a light and sweet cream on the exterior. There is also a light chocolate taste detected in the sponge cake that boosted the light white chocolate layer on top. The cake was not too crumbly and also held on it’s structure well too.


(Flat White)

The Flat White had a medium body and was pretty solid, though the latte art was quite amateur (not really into it though). The Providore uses Toby’s Estate blends, which I find suits my taste pretty perfectly as well.


(Iced Cappucino)

Iced Cappucino was bland and my friend did not enjoy it at all. I have always abstained from ordering Cappucino in cafes so I had not really tried out how it should have been like, but for a person who prefers stronger coffee this definitely is a bit far off for me as well.

The Providore is definitely not one of the hipster cafes that serve pretentious food along with coffee that just amazes teenagers. It kind of goes more into the category of a full-fledged cafe that has a more serious vibe that targets itself with the upper-class housewives who have the budget to shop at branded stores or the men who are discussing about real business. The effort on the menu is felt as the patron is going through the meal, and the service is pretty decent as well. If anything, this is one place you ought to ask friends along to eat at during dinner, due to the “Small Plates Menu” that encourages sharing (individual meals are available for breakfast/lunch/brunch as well). After all, it is no harm asking a friend of two along to try out a new cafe and sharing the cost on the final bill, right?

The Providore
Mandarin Gallery
333A Orchard Road
Singapore 238897

Web Page:
Facebook Page:


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