Play Kitchen – Kopitiam @ Jurong Point (Closed)

(Play Kitchen has since ceased operations with its operations integrated with Tenderfresh Classic. Click here to read our article on the Tenderfresh Classic outlet at Bukit Timah (Cheong Chin Nam Road).

Not to be confused by Feast by Kopitiam in JP2, the Kopitiam in the old wing of Jurong Point was given a revamp months ago. While it had already been operational several months ago, a part of the food court was still boarded up for renovation. With the revamp, there are a mix of old and new tenants operating alongside each other.

Play Kitchen is one of the new tenants that had moved into the food court and having opened only 3 weeks ago. Opened by MediaCorp actor Ben Yeo and collaborating with Chef Kelvin Chua who used to run the now defunct Cafe Indulge at The Cathay now occupied by Saizeriya, this stall aims to bring restaurant-style pasta at food court prices. Ever since I had made my first visit to Cafe Indulge, I had been a fan of their grilled and pasta dishes which had definitely impressed me ever since. The launch of Play Kitchen seemed like a great comeback or even a revival of Cafe Indulge to me somehow, and definitely got me excited as well.

The menu at Play Kitchen is scaled down, which is reasonable due to it being set up in a food court environment. What remains is the variety; Cafe Indulge used to offer a plenty of sauces to go with their pasta. Play Kitchen offers a similar taste as well, offering Thai sauce, Pesto sauce as well as good old cream sauce, which have already been coupled up with other ingredients to make up a menu item. Play Kitchen attempts to be daring with most dishes they offer, incorporating asian tastes such as sambal or thai flavours into the pasta, however there are also plenty of safe options available for the not-so-adventurous. I loved the way they cook every single item in the dish in front of you, from the pasta to the sauce and various ingredients. This gives the impression of freshness to the customers as each dish is made-to-order. Waiting times will vary however, as only one portion would be cooked at one time.


(Chicken Mushroom Pesto Spaghetti)

Chicken Mushroom Pesto Spaghetti is probably the in-between of the not-so-adventurous and adventurous pastas. The Pesto sauce here is not as nutty as it would from other places, as it uses a pretty heavy cream base. It also is pretty garlicky, which gave it a really nice aroma which is reminiscent of Cafe Indulge’s pastas as well. The chicken is tender and very juicy and fragrant; also similar to Cafe Indulge’s version as well. The mushrooms add an earthy taste to the dish and the pasta is cooked just right, retaining the springiness of the noodles.

At $6.90, the plate of pasta had actually satisfied me pretty much. I had been wanting to revisit Cafe Indulge for their pasta, however it closed down before I had the time to do so. After finishing off the plate of pasta, I felt convinced that Play Kitchen is the spiritual successor of Cafe Indulge, with a different environment and a much more affordable price point. While seemingly not the best pasta I had at this price nor the best pasta served in such settings, I personally feel that it has already become one of the top few stalls that serve Pastas at affordable prices within a food court from both the quality and the taste factors.

Play Kitchen
Kopitiam Jurong Point
1 Jurong West Central 2
Singapore 648886

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