Revolution Coffee – Media Circle

If not for this cafe, I guess I would not have even knew about the existence of Media Circle where Revolution Coffee is situated.

Revolution Coffee is dubbed as one of the most “ulu” cafes in Singapore, given its location within Portsdown Ave which is in Buona Vista. Places here are typically considered hidden gems, especially when there is a line of fine dining and posh restaurants just before you reach Media Circle. Some claimed to have found it difficult to locate, but I would say that Revolution Coffee is going to be as easy/difficult to find as Necessary Provisions where I frequent for coffee within the quieter Eng Kong Terrace.

If you do find the place, you would be greeted by the industrial decor of the cafe. Cement flooring, uncovered ceilings and wooden tabletops sitting on beer crates is what makes this place feel unique. I am not particularly in love with the seats though; less the wooden benches the rest were pretty dingy and were shaking when I sat on them (and I don’t even weigh near a 100kg).


(Mushroom & Cheese Burger & Fries)

Burger with Fries was the special offered that day and was apparently the final day it was available. There were two versions available with the same beef patty, one with Inferno sauce which is a spicy sauce and another with Mushroom Cheese.


(Mushroom & Cheese & Fries)

I ordered the Mushroom Cheese variation and when it was served I instantly realised how messy it would be when eaten. The burger ended up tilting with every single cut I made and I just decided to lay it on its side after finishing the bun. The burger at the very least was decent, but probably normal. The only wow-factor for me was the melted cheese which was stringy and chewy, which went superbly with the peppered mushroom with a earthy yet lightly spiced touch. The beef patty was tender and easy to cut but I would prefer it to be more tacky as it crumbled down fairly easily. I did appreciate the layer of caramalised onions that gave some taste to vegetables.


(Mushroom & Cheese Burger & Fries)

The fries were pretty uninspiring. A bit too thin, and seemed like it came out of the bag and served with saucer of Maggi Chili sauce.


(Revolution Coffee Affogato)

Revolution Coffee Affogato is their own version of the classic gelato and espresso combination. Here, they have added cookie crumbles to it which gave it a nice crunchy texture and bite. The espresso seems little in comparison with large ball of gelato, so there is a need to dig in deeper for the espresso. I liked it here that the staff brings it to the table with the espresso and gelato separated, and pours the espresso for you in front of you. The only place that I had visited that ever does that was Ricciotti Pizza, Pasta, Grill; the others either lets you pour the espresso in yourself or serves them together mixed inside.


(Banana Walnut Muffin)

The Assorted Muffins were simplistic. I had the Banana Walnut Muffin which had an incredibly tasty inside along with the crunchy but not-too-hard walnuts and a crusty exterior that I liked. The dry bananas and the extremely crumbly interior did not get me though; would have been better if the cake could hold its shape better.

Revolution Coffee is one of the places that often get judged on whether is the food is worth the distance made. Honestly speaking, while the food here is not top notch, it is at the very least average to above average. I have heard other patrons raving about their hot coffee when I was there, so it would be great to have that while there as well. Considering the amount of time I spent on finding the place (roughly 5 minutes where everything went smoothly), I would be back some day, though not so soon.

Revolution Coffee
Infinite Studios
21 Media Circle
Singapore 138562

Web Page:
Facebook Page:

PS: Just a small tip for those who are keen on visiting since some people have mentioned that they spent quite some time trekking to the place though it was quite fine for me. The best bet to visit this place is to go to Buona Vista MRT and board bus 191 to the stop before Jalan Hang Jebat (the bus stop with an exclusive bus lane and the bus makes a u-turn at this stop). You would find a set of concrete steps laid on the ground leading to a staircase of a building. Follow it and go up the stairs and you would see a wine store. Keep walking straight until you see a Subway outlet; Revolution Coffee is behind Subway. Another way is to head to one-north MRT station where you could wait for the Infinite Studios free shuttle which brings you to Media Circle at the roundabout beside Subway. Hope that helps.


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