Lee’s Taiwanese – JEM

Taiwanese Street Food had recently captured the hearts of many Singaporeans. Used to be only available in Pasar Malams, Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks brought Taiwanese Street Food into the local food scene to the next level by providing made-to-order street snacks a common fare islandwide with multiple outlets operating within shopping malls. Since then, other brands also started operations in Singapore, and more recently a couple of restaurants running the theme of Taiwanese food had also started to appear in newly-opened malls such as The Star Vista and Jcube.

It had been nearly a year since Lee’s Taiwanese had opened it’s first outlet in Singapore, and there is already a second outlet located at JEM. Lee’s Taiwanese is apparently started by a Taiwanese whom have relocated in Singapore, and claims that the restaurant brings authentic and genuine tastes of Taiwan Street Snacks to Singapore.

Ala-Carte options are available on the menu, though generally the Deluxe and Premium Set Meals brings more value to the meals in general by adding a side and a drink. Do note that some items are only available in Ala-Carte and not included in the set meal promotions though.

Orders are written on a chit and presented to the cashier for payment before food is served.


(Braised Pork Belly Rice)

Two of us went for the Braised Pork Belly Rice and it was filled with hidden treasures. Other than Braised Pork Belly, it came with preserved vegetables, snow bean curd and a slice of taiwan sausage hidden right underneath. The Braised Pork Belly had pretty much of the fatty meat layer which melted in the mouth, though it was pretty evident that it was not braised deep enough as it did not reach the middle. The preserved vegetables were rather decent, while the snow bean curd was thinly sliced and chewy with the signature taste of tofu. We requested for more gravy, but it seemed rather bland and just tasteless somehow.


(Pig’s Intestines and Meat Ball Noodles)

My other friend’s Pig Intestines and Meatball Noodles were pretty decent with a similarity in taste with Oyster Mee Sua less the strong taste of the oysters. He loved the Pig Intestines that he sort of squealed whenever he picked up, although I was too chicken to try it myself. There was only three meatballs though which my friend claimed to be made from beef which he said was “ok”.


(Salt & Pepper Chicken)

Salt & Pepper Chicken was something we had high expectations of but really fell flat on the face. The chicken was fried pretty fine, but left us wondering if the chef had completely forgotten to season it with salt & pepper before serving it to us. No doubt it was fragrant, but it was missing the plot to the main story.


(Snow Bean Curd)

Snow Bean Curd was the same ones that appeared in the Braised Pork Belly Rice. Silken and bouncy, the taste was pretty heavy on soy and while it was manageable for both of us to finish the ones in our bowl, it was a bit too much for us to continue on the ones ordered as sides that we decided to let our friend who had the noodles have it.


(Sweet Potato Fries)

Sweet Potato Fries really stood out from the other side dishes we ordered that night. The crispy batter and the sweetness in the fries coupled with the sourness from the plum powder really won us that night. There was just an adequate amount of plum powder sprinkled on the sweet potato fries that it was evenly balanced on flavour and not heavily spammed with flavouring. I was a bit confused when I saw the table beside us leaving most of the Sweet Potato Fries untouched while finishing the Salt & Pepper Chicken though.

While I believe that Lee’s Taiwanese is a good place to get starting point to try Taiwanese cuisine, it is definitely not the best-tasting nor really authentic. Most of the dishes here do deserve a passing grade, but there is still a gap from those served in Taiwan. One should definitely not have too high an expectation when visiting here though; the bigger the expectations, the larger the disappointment. Visit it with an open mind, and it should just hit the spot for you.

Lee’s Taiwanese
50 Jurong Gateway Road
Singapore 129421

Web Page: http://www.leestaiwanese.com
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Leestaiwanese


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